People with diabetes can now say goodbye to finger pricking blood tests with this new adhesive patch. Finally, one can get rid of frequent painful tests to check whether their sugar levels are in control.

Thanks to the researchers from the University of Bath, they have developed a non-invasive, adhesive patch that can easily measure glucose levels. While the study was conducted, the patch was tested on both pig skin and human skin to track blood sugar levels throughout the day and several times.

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This Patch Could End Finger Pricks For People With Diabetes

An end to finger-pricking for people with diabetes could be in sight.

Posted by Seeker on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Without piercing through the skin, this patch is designed to draw glucose out from fluid between cells across hair follicles, which are individually accessed via an array of miniature sensors using a small electric current. For several hours, you can take the readings at an interval of 10-15 minutes,” as mentioned by Nature Nanotechnology.

This patch is pocket-friendly and comes with a wearable sensor that can send regular clinically relevant glucose measurements to the wearer’s smartwatch or phone wirelessly. Hence, the user will always be alerted in case they need to take action.

One of the co-authors of the study, Professor Richard Guy said, “A non-invasive – that is, needle-less – method to monitor blood sugar has proven a difficult goal to attain.

The monitor developed at Bath promises a truly calibration-free approach, an essential contribution in the fight to combat the ever-increasing global incidence of diabetes,” he added.