To counter most difficult of situations, a US based company has come up with matchsticks that are inexhaustible even if you dip it in water or bury in the dirt.

UCO Stormproof Matches has come up with matches that have a tough coating that smolders despite any external forces. The make of this matchstick is such that they continue to burn no matter what happens to them if they come in contact with oxygen, which makes it reliable equipment for people residing in cold and wet areas.

Watch the video here:

These unique matches are the result of rigorous testing and while explaining the process, Eric Moe, the product specialist at Industrial Revolution which owns Utility, Comfort, and Originality (UCO) says to Daily Mail, “The matchsticks are dipped into our coating, which keeps smouldering even underwater, then reignites once exposed to oxygen.

Essentially, you aren’t burning the matchstick, but burning the coating on the stick. We have drenched them in buckets, buried them in mud, and blow them with a compressed air hose. In all cases, the flame keeps burning. The matches will still ignite if they get wet, and they quite impact resistant.

He further adds, when you are unfamiliar with the terrain, the source of fire is a necessity for survival. The box contains 25 matches in the waterproof case and comes at a price of £5.47($7.99).