We don’t know who to thank for those enduring moments of our lives. In absence of social media and mobile phones, they somehow always managed to keep us engaged and more connected to ourselves and our friends. Surely it will be a journey down the memory lane, especially if you are a ‘90s kid.

Twitteratis are having a blast over this, dwelling in nostalgia most of them. You are also welcome to the virtual party.

1. Chalks were one stop solution for every problem. Be it whitening shoes, erasing something in your notebooks, believing it to be a whitener or having it as snacks.

2. Talking about DIY? Whether it worked or not is not the point, the fact that we tried everything in hope to get something beautiful at the end of the activity screams F for Effort!!

3. A slam book was more precious than gold because it revealed a lot about your friend’s puppy love.

4. Placing colorful labels on your notebook is something to look forward to at the beginning of each session.

5. For good handwriting, we were made to believe using an ink pen is the only way. Probably, doctors didn’t follow the rule!

6. We were multi-taskers! Eat and Play.

7. We never complained of being lonely, one of the favorite time passes in the classroom meant this-

8. We were born artists! If we had artist’s block, this is the ultimate solution!

9. Another intelligent game-

10. What parents told us about eating Boomer? It is made from pig’s flesh! (sounded convincing because of the pink color. Arrghh!!!)

11. Everyone was astrologer! Destiny was decided in minutes. How can we forget this-

12. We all became mothers and fathers of an unborn child for once at least!

13. ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ –Maybe, Plato wrote this for us!

14. A cassette is more of an emotion, so were the covers that came with it-

15. Believing in good came naturally to us because of Shaktiman-

16. These was no ordinary chocolates-

17. Looking forward to L (Love) and M (Marriage) as the result-

18. Probably we all did this –

19. The pencil we all wanted –

20. We believed this with all our heart!

21. The scariest joke of all time-

We were pirates, explorers, artists! Even though we didn’t have social media, that didn’t stop us from enjoying our childhood and making friends.