Having been born and grown up in a particular city, and having stayed there all your lives, most of you cannot wait to move to a different city and live all by yourselves. As thrilling as it sounds, you plan your lives based on what you see in movies or read in books. You expect a lifestyle that’s all hunky dory, with the new found freedom and friends. What you don’t understand is the cons that come along. In the first few days, you realize that life is not the sunshine and all things fine.

But staying alone, away from home, is an experience you all should come across at least once in a lifetime.

1. Accommodation is no longer about ‘home’; it’s about finding a house and moving in with your luggage.

find a house

You don’t even consider this as a problem before moving. Films have made you believe that you get your dream home in the new city you are shifting to. But the reality is far from what movies show you. You need to find the perfect house, the perfect locality at a close proximity from your workplace, but finding a house that fulfills all these criteria is nearly impossible. You start missing home!

2. If only food wasn’t this big a problem.

eating bad food in new place

Little did you know that the new city has a cuisine of its own that’s never going to suit your taste buds. And then arises a long series of problems. Your entire life starts revolving around what to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner, that’d be filling and satisfying at the same time.

3. You need navigation all the time.

Life in a new city becomes impossible without a smartphone. You are always on the go and cannot trust the public transport all the time.

4. Getting tricked by the cabbies is something you’re now used to.


You forget that a phone is just a machine after all. It cannot solve all our problems, it was just made to make life easier. You obviously have no idea about the roads in the new city and end up paying double or triple of the actual fare.

5. The local lingo.

strict parent child screwed

When you move to a new city, you come with a combo of your mother tongue, Hind, and English. The local lingo opens a whole new world for you, which you do not have any idea about. It takes months to learn a new language and till then, you are just clueless about what’s happening around!

6. You suddenly start feeling homesick.

feeling homesick

Amidst all these problems, you cannot help but feel helpless and wonder how life was much easier back home. And the numerous calls from home throughout the day just makes it worse for you.

7. You are always searching for ‘cool’ places to hang out.

best places to hang out in mumbai

No idea about the city, no idea about its party scene as well. The web world is the new best friend to search for an awesome place to eat out or party.

8. Your Facebook news feed makes you feel worse.

feeling worse alone away from home

When you scroll down your news feed, you find your friends back home are having a rocking time. And you, well, are still finding new places.

9. But nothing can beat the satisfaction of paying your own bills.

pay your own bills

Obviously, not everything about moving to a new city is bad, you get that freedom which you were craving for so long. The time away from home makes you realize your own potential. You know that you can survive and emerge with flying colors even in the situations you never imagined you’d be dealing with in the first place.

10. You have to be extra cautious while making new friends.

Obviously, you have to take care of your security at first. Making new friends is a very tough task. But once you get new friends and that too the right ones, life finally gets you on the right track. When postal codes change, friends become family.

What’s your experience of living away from home?

image source: Tumblr | Giphy