Every sportsperson has an inspiring story to share. But her story is a complete blend of struggle, patience, and success. Overcoming your disabilities, not just physically but psychologically might seem tough for many. But not for Ekta Bhyan. Her story will make your heart skip a beat.

This woman has won a Gold in the women’s club throw F51 event, followed by a Bronze in the discus throw at the World Para-Athletics Grand Prix.

Even though her journey was never a bed of roses, but that did not stop Ekta from performing well or winning in the competition she participated.

In 2003, Ekta met with a road accident which injured her spinal cord and left her paralyzed from the waist down. This is when her one life ended and the second one started.

Ekta was studying for her pre-medical exam when she met with this accident and after staying in the hospital for months; she decided to prepare herself for the exam and was even qualified for the Haryana Civil Services.

During that same period, Ekta met Amit Saroha, another GoSports Para Athlete. Calling it a co-incidence, Bhyan says, Saroha motivated and trained her in club throw and discus throw. Despite being new to sports in 2014, Ekta went on to win silver at the Para-Athletics Grand Prix in 2016.

Behind this inner strength, Ekta gives credit to her parents who stood behind her like a backbone throughout. “Parents have unconditional love and have always stood by me. Also, my coach who motivated me all the time, and he is still motivating me,” she said.

Athletes in India deal with one basic problem – lack of funds, but in the case of para-athletes, situations are 10 times harder and getting recognition is way too tough for them. But, Ekta is glad that slowly differently-abled people are getting recognition and she wants to contribute in the future and motivated those specially-abled to take up sports.

Initially we did not get this much attention, but now we are and that’s a good thing. Be it from the media or the Government, we are getting help. I also want to help out those who are specially-abled and want to take up this sport. Especially the girls. Many people I have met tell me that after meeting me they were inspired and it feels good to hear that,” she said as per the IndiaTimes report.

Like a girl next door, Bhyan also finds joy in simplest of things. “I love eating junk and spicy food, am a typical Indian girl. I enjoy watching movies, listening to music and also write poems. Spending time with my family is also one of my favorite pastimes.

She says, her current goal is to train for the Asian Games that is slated to be held in October. Apart from that, she is eagerly waiting for the Paralympics in 2020.

We wish her all the best for her future endeavors and making India proud.