You just have to decide that you have to achieve your dream, rest everything falls in place.” says Akhilee Matta

Sometime in 2012, Akhilee and some other friends were attending a party at her boyfriend Gaurav’s place. For some reason, when she opened his wardrobe, she saw two posters inside. The first one read, ‘25th August 2012: CS Gaurav Sethi’ and the other one read, ‘11th December 2015: Harley-Davidson Iron 883‘.

harley-davidson story

Gaurav and Akhilee

I was intrigued by the ambiguous way of writing the dates, so I asked him what it meant“, says Akhilee. In response, Gaurav said, ‘I believe in the law of attraction. I see these posters every day and hope to achieve both these goals on the exact dates‘.  And his answer made her completely clueless about what he was up to, so she dropped the conversation at that point in time.

Few months later she received a call and the caller responded ‘CS Gaurav Sethi this side‘. And to her surprise, it was indeed 25th August 2012 and her boyfriend successfully cleared his CS exams exactly on the same date she saw in that poster in his wardrobe. She congratulated him and asked him about his second dream, a Harley-Davidson Iron 883. ‘I have no idea but my next focus is to get married to you‘, replied Gaurav. And as promised, before his second dream could come true, they both got married after a courtship of more than 3 years.

But from that day onward, I made his dream, mine. From 25th August 2012, I started saving every possible penny and decided to make my husband’s dream come alive“, says Akhilee who is a Corporate Communication professional.

Things were not that easy for her. She had her own share of ups and downs all these while. However, her grit to fulfill his dream stood firm. Exactly on 11th December 2015, she took her husband to Harley-Davidson showroom blindfolded, and he had no idea what was happening. He opened his eyes and saw his dream Harley-Davidson Iron 883 parked in front of him. He couldn’t believe his eyes. And that expression was priceless for her.


Gaurav and Akhilee with their Harley-Davidson

Watch the video and see what happened next:

“Why I have put so much effort is the question? Just because a dream has got no value, so one should just do it whatever it takes to fulfill it and yes it feels great to give. Don’t dream your life, live your dream“, says Akhilee.

The couple took a Harley road trip covering the entire belt of Rajasthan from 25th December’15 to 3rd January’16.