If Romeo and Juliet would have got married without any hassles then it wouldn’t have been the epic love story that it is today. If it was so easy to rob casinos in Vegas then Ocean’s Eleven wouldn’t have become this awesome con film. If things always flowed easily and happened on expected lines then life would turn out to be so boring. Wouldn’t it!

Well this isn’t a love or a con story but one that has a script that even a Nobel Prize Laureate couldn’t have managed to write.



The 2014 FIFA World Cup has been a story that none could have predicted. It has been full of twists and turns and shocks and surprises. It has been a treat for football fans with goals galore and heartbreak for millions who were certain that their teams could claim the title.

World Champions Shown The Door By Novices

The long wait of four years finally came to an end at São Paulo on June 13 when Brazil and Croatia took center stage. It seemed like the perfect start, if one could just leave the disastrous opening ceremony aside. After a little hiccup Brazil defeated Croatia and it seemed like the favorites would sail through everywhere.

But that wasn’t to be.

Unprecedented surprises were to knock and take the world by storm at Arena Fonte Nova. It was being touted as the big revenge match. 2010 World Cup runners up Netherlands were to take on Spain, the team which had denied them the trophy four years ago. Before the match Spain were still considered as hot favorites to lift the trophy a second time.

The World Champions started off on the right track taking the lead in the 27th minute. But when Robin Van Persie decided to take on the title of the Flying Dutchman just before half time and bring Netherlands on equal terms, it changed the way favorites were to be treated in this year’s World Cup.


The Flying Dutchman Robin Van Percie

However, this was just the beginning.

Spain was no longer to be the only casualty and Netherlands not the only team to change the pre written script. Costa Rica had plans of their own and so did Chile. Colombia wanted to show that a World Cup in South America can’t be named after Brazil and Argentina so easily. The United States exhibited that they do take their ‘soccer’ seriously.

In a group of death where the battle was always to be between England, Italy and Uruguay for a place in the knockout stage, Costa Rica came as a tsunami and destroyed all. Two former World Champions Italy and England were sent packing from the World Cup by Costa Rica.

Chile surprised all when they knocked out the World Cup holders Spain. Colombia coming back to the World Cup after a gap of 16 years could just not stop scoring goals. Their dancing celebrations have become the stuff of legends.

Costa Rica: Racing Past Stalwarts

Costa Rica: Racing Past Stalwarts

After witnessing the biggest shocker of the World Cup, Salvador was to host another cracker of a match. Germany was to take on Portugal. The world’s best player Cristiano Ronaldo was to be on display. Brazil seemed like a second home to the Portuguese side with the number of fans that had come to see Ronaldo play. But the Ballon d’Or winner couldn’t do anything to save his team from humiliation and frustration.

Portugal walked defeated with heads held down as the Germans destroyed them 4-0. Soon after United States almost sent them home but substitute Silvestre Varela saved them in the dying minutes of the game. But not even a win against Ghana in the last game could cancel Portugal’s return tickets home.

Will Miss You Ronaldo!

Will Miss You Ronaldo!

So as the group stages came to a close, the World Cup is left without stalwarts Italy, England, Portugal and Spain. And the way things have progressed with even the remaining teams like Argentina and Brazil scrapping through victories, the surprises have surely not ended in this fantastic edition of the Football World Cup.

From the looks of it, the Quarter Finals will be no less exciting for fans!