To all the people who are thinking of tying a knot and planning for a grand wedding, did it occur to you that weddings can be simple, inexpensive and yet magical?

In a country where weddings are a grand affair somehow we fail to estimate the true cost behind it. While for some it can be a dream, for others it can be a burden to live up to the society’s expectation.

Thanks to this couple who got married in just a pair of customized ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ t-shirts and jeans to show the world that weddings can be simple and not necessarily have to cost a fortune.

Rebecca-Glen Maxwell simple wedding

Rebecca and Glen Maxwell in their wedding dress | source

Glen Maxwell (30) and Rebecca Maxwell (26) has become no less than an inspiration for people across the world. Not only they wore simple attires, but they also got personalized tops for bridesmaids and best man.

Not just that, the mother and father of the bride also had their customized outfit.

Not 500 or 1000 guests like we Indians are used to see in the weddings and receptions. This one had only 40 guests who were also asked to come in jeans and t-shirts for both the occasions- wedding and reception. How cool is that?

It was August 2016, when the couple got engaged. But like most of us, they also planned for a grand white wedding. However, in no time they realized that posh wedding wasn’t okay for them as the very thought of opting for it caused them stress. Also, they were constantly worried about the budget instead of being excited about their love and romance.

Therefore, on one fine evening, Glen asked Rebecca whether she is okay to get married in T-shirts and jeans and that he will still love her.

As long as you marry the person you love, surrounded by people you love, your day will be special. Me and my husband are still married just like all those people who are in £20,000 debt,” says Rebecca as reported by Metro.

Rebecca and Glen Maxwell got married in a £250 registry office ceremony at the town hall in Darlington, before taking their guests to Center Parcs for a carvery dinner costing just £400.

They only spend just over £1,000 in total for their big day. They got married in a £250 registry office ceremony at the town hall in Darlington. Later in the evening, they took their guests to Center Parcs for a carvery dinner costing just £400, as reported by Ladbible.

Their story is not only cute but what they did definitely sends a strong message to people who can discard the pressures of the wedding and simply focus on their special day.