Kerala has always been known for combining ancient wisdom with natural healing in the form of Ayurveda. Now to filter down the natural process of healing in maximum people’s life, the state is all set to launch first-of-its-kind Ayurveda village.

Ayurvedic medication and healing are considered as one of the most sought-after business in the state and it is set to undergo major research and developmental activities.

Ayurveda village

Ayurvedic medicine (source: Wikimedia)

According to the Express report, K R Viswambharan, chairman, Oushadhi said, “The Ayurvedic village is perhaps the first of its kind in the country. The state government has already submitted a proposal for the same to the Ministry of AYUSH and a response is being awaited.

Two initiatives will go hand in hand, one being the establishment of Ayurveda village in Kannur and the other will be the initiation clinical and molecular studies by Oushadhi, which is known to be the largest producer of ayurvedic medicines in the public sector of the country. Initiatives like these likely to become the turning point in the increase of export of ayurvedic products.

According to Viswambharan, the village will have an allotted space for the cultivation of medicinal plants, ayurvedic product manufacturing units and a state of the art research center. Further, he said that there is a possibility that the village will develop into a tourist destination.

Oushadhi is looking forward to its molecular research programme that will help prove the genuineness of its medicinal products and may also boost sales in foreign countries.

At present ayurvedic products are exported as nutraceuticals, health supplements or dietary supplements. What we plan to do is to sell these products in the international market as a therapeutic medicine. But for that we have to undertake clinical and molecular studies, which at present is almost absent in the sector,” says Viswambharan to New Indian Express.

The Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation was approached by Oushadhi chairman who demanded that allotting funds for establishing research facilities, and also hold talks with the Confederation for Ayurvedic Renaissance-Keralam Ltd at Koratty, Thrissur, for support in research activities.

The export of ayurvedic products usually takes place under Indian Trade Classification and is based on a harmonized system of coding as well as has two separate codes for medicants and medicaments. In accordance with the importing country’s classification and acceptance, maximum ayurvedic products are rightfully modified for their use in the international market, as said by Ministry of AYUSH.