A local group in Surat has started a noble and interesting initiative to save Sparrows from getting extinct. Through ‘Save Sparrow Abhiyan’ (save sparrow campaign), the members are making little “sparrow villa” out of leftover wood from several homes and offices, so that these birds have a safe space.

Started by the Hans Art Group, this initiative was carried forward by professionals from different fields.

While talking to ANI, the organizer of the initiative, Vishal Kajavadiya said, “This idea came to our mind when we were sitting on the roof and saw a nest somewhere in the water pipes” and thought that they should try to make a house for them. “Later on, when relatives came to our house, they said that you have made a good house for the sparrows. So, thereafter we started making ‘sparrow villa’,” he said.

The houses are given to people free of cost and the organization has distributed around 5,000 houses till now. Each of these ‘sparrow villa’ used to cost Rs.40-45 before, but now since the organization also collects some material from the people, the budget has now got reduced to Rs.20-25 per piece.

Further, to prevent the extinction of these birds, he also urged people to install one of these “sparrow villas” in their houses.

It is not that India is not bird friendly, but the sparrows are declining in this country mainly because of loss of habitat. So, now instead of buying nest online, you can now actually make one of these to help the birds survive in Indian cities.