Winter is here and we can’t wait!

Game of Thrones. This cult phenomenon is one of the most brilliantly written masterpieces ever created. Who wouldn’t want to get into George R.R Martin’s mind at this point anyway? Because clearly, that’s going to be way easier than getting any hints from the crew or cast themselves. Until then, we can binge on GoT discussions, debates, taking sides and preparing ourselves for the Great War!

game of thrones final season 8

So let the spoilers begin! Just kidding. Here are some of the craziest Game of Thrones theories buzzing around the internet. Honestly, you’d really wish some of these to remain hypothetical theories only.

1. Samwell Tarly: Narrator/ Writer/ Survivor of the great war

If our munchkin Samwell Tarly had an Instagram account, that’s what his Bio would have read like.

Sam’s bewilderment when he saw the citadel library has to account for more than just love for books. In fact, remember Maester Ebrose wore the writer’s hat for writing a book on events posts King Robert Baratheon’s death. Samwell Tarly suggested how he would have a more ‘Poetic’ name to the book if he wrote it. Ahem Ahem, ever heard of a book called ‘Song of Ice & fire’, poetic isn’t it? Wouldn’t and shouldn’t we all root for Samwell Tarly as the narrator. Hence it’s no surprise that the internet is filled with speculations of Sam being the narrator of the events that have been unfolding.

2. Azor Ahai – The Hound

When the red star bleeds and the darkness gathers, Azor Ahai shall be born again amidst smoke and salt,” Hint 1: Technically speaking, the hound was forged from the fire. Hint 2: He did survive the battle of black water (Reference salt). Hint 3: He did sort of die and was resurrected, Arya left him to die, guess who refused to die?

It is theorized that Azor Ahai the true savior was the follower of the Lord of the Light, and we do see that link happening a lot in Season 7. What if, Sandor Clegane, the almost ugly, beastly beautiful and such a softy at heart is truly the Azor Ahai, the prince that was promised, the Saviour. I’ll be rooting for this one. Not Jon Snow, Nor Daenerys, because who doesn’t want to watch the Mountain fall? *cries thinking about how beloved Oberyn was killed*

3. Move over King Aerys, The Mad Queen has arrived!

The Mad King, Aerys Targaryen was a crazy man that drove the world into a crazy snowballing war. He liked burning people (using wildfire & dragons) and using deceptive strategies to hurt and manipulate people. He was obsessed with power and that drove him insane. Does all of this sound eerily familiar to someone else’s story? This someone burnt the whole Sept of Balor (Using wildfire) and watched down with a smirk only the devil himself can pull off. This, someone, killed Ellaria Sand’s daughter Tyene as she taunted her, bruised battered and restrained. Her plans to kill Lady Olenna redefined sadism. Knowing she couldn’t sleep the night before, her ideas seemed to be straight of the book ‘101 Ways To Brutally Sadistically Kill A Poor Old Powerful Woman’.

Since the death of her beloved daughter Myrcella, the hint of madness in her eyes makes your gut churn, doesn’t it? Adding weight to my case, witch Maggy the frog prophesizes “And when your tears have drowned you, the Valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you” Valonqar means brother, and while of course, it could be Tyrion, given their history, it’s more likely to be Jaime Lannister, knowing their history. After all, the Kingslayer killed the mad king, it’s only poetic for the Kingslayer to kill the Mad Queen.

4. Because we like Bran the Builder theory better than Bran the Night king

And although there is something permanently eerie about Bran (Don’t tell me you don’t feel it?) Bran being the night king is a theory that does sound more appealing. However being in denial is nice, believing good exists is nice, and believing Starks are the good guys is nice (Yes, despite season 7 showing all their grey shades). If Bran could go all out on time traveling and warging into Hodor and damaging him forever (unforgivable), it ascertains how he can indeed change events of the past. What if, season 8 entails Bran warging into time and actually creating the wall, to prevent the white walkers of the future? What if Bran Stark himself was Bran the builder and he built the wall, this goes in line with the heroism we expect from the Starks, and also it’s delusionally perfect in an ideal world.

5. The Dragon must have three heads prophecy

And when the war comes who will be riding the three dragons? Viserion may be with the night king, but we expect some major turn of events. While Daenerys is naturally one among the three, Jon & Dany’s love angle and the way the dragons loved Jon, he seems to be perfect for being the second. The third one is where all the action is. One theory suggests that Bran will Warg into Viserion making him the third head, there’s yet another theory. It is said that Tyrion could be the third. Claims of how Tyrion could be the love child of Tywin’s wife & Mad King Aerys makes him a Targaryen and more importantly improves his chances on being the third head, considering the Targaryen & Dragon connection.

6. Little Finger is alive

This one hurt your heart a bit, didn’t it? What will it take to keep this little vain man dead? The essence of GoT will always remain on how it keeps sliding into the unexpected zone way too often. If you remember little finger gave a coin to a girl right before he was killed by Arya. A coin, similar to what Jaqen H’ghar gave Arya back in the days. The theory suggests how little finger once again outsmarted them all and escaped knowing his end was near. And the man that Arya killed was someone who used the ‘Faces magic’ to make everyone believe that little finger died. Could it be true? Could the Faces of living men who are alive? Who knows, who knows?

7. The Dragons

Dragons are the center of how all the theories are unfolding. While we all need to be prepared for the dragons to die, there are questions about how these events will unfold. One of the most heartbreaking theories is how Drogon will kill Viserion just like how their namesakes did. Khal Drogo did kill Viserys Targaryen, so could this be it? (writing this while I have emotional breakdowns!)

We are not ready for Season 8. I repeat. We are not ready for everything that is about to go down in Season 8 of Game of Thrones. Also, Valar Morghulis!