This time Goa is not making headlines for its picturesque beauty but because of its cool and sustainable initiative. Apart from beautiful beaches and party culture, now this tourist hotspot also has a waste bar. What if we say that you can get a free beer here in exchange of cigarette butts, bottle caps and straws?

Pinch yourself, for it is true!

To effectively carry out a cleanliness mission of the government, last year from August 15, drinking was banned at public places across the state of Goa. For a cleaner Goa, tourists who were found violating the law were also subjected to heavy fines. The initiative has also received a major boost from an agency called Dhristi Marine.

Dhristi Marine, the agency that was roped in by the state’s tourism ministry, has come up with a great idea. In a bid to curb pollution and littering, the agency is offering free beer to tourists if they can collect cigarette butts, bottle caps, and straws.

Every year, the state receives 7 million tourists from across the globe and therefore, countering littering and pollution was becoming difficult to tackle. Thanks to the recently launched ‘Waste Bar,’ you can enjoy beer free of cost in exchange for cigarette butts, bottle caps, and straws.

This year on January 30, the beer exchange initiative began at Zanzibar Shack in North Goa’s  Baga beach through its first Waste Bar in the state in order to curb pollution.

“The waste-bar is a win-win concept. It is positive for the venue as it is a positive event that attracts a crowd. You get very happy customers as they feel they contributed to society and get a free drink for it. And for brands, it helps in positioning,” campaign conceptualizer Noreen Van told IANS.

20 cigarette butts, 10 bottle caps or 5 used straws will get you a beer or a cocktail. Isn’t that a great feeling to say Cheers?