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We live in a country where ‘communal tension’ across the states is the new normal and ‘communal peace’ looks extraordinary.

To set an example of coexistence and harmony, a Muslim man from Ahmadabad has restored a 500-year-old Hanuman Temple in Gujarat out of sheer goodwill.

muslim man moin memon renovate hindu temple gujarat

Moin Memon (image: ANI)

According to the Indiatimes report, Moin Memon, a 43-year-old builder has bought saffron tiles from Italy to fix the “Bhid Bhanjan Hanuman” temple’s outer walls and coverings, which is located in Hanuman Gali of Mirzapur area. He is self-funding the project.

Devoting all the time to do something so noble needs patience and love. The priest of the temple, Rajesh Bhatt has given Memon his blessings for the work.

I have grown up seeing the temple in its vibrant glory. I offer namaz five times a day but as I passed by the temple, its dilapidated condition pained me. I contacted the priest, Rajesh Bhatt, and offered to renovate it. He happily agreed,” said Memon, as mentioned by Indiatimes report.