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A village in UP has a temple and a mosque that share a common yard. The residents of the village Dehriyawan celebrate festivals of all faiths together. The love, affection, and respect both the communities have for each other is worth learning from.

And more interestingly, it doesn’t make any one of them feel like a less Hindu or a less Muslim.

The temple and the common courtyard in the Dehriyawan Village in UP.

A resident of this village, Sangeeta Yadav says, “we offer our prayers here, and they read their namaz there. There is no discrimination here.” It is only in this village that Hindus and Muslims pray side by side.

Watch the video here:

Hindus and Muslims Pray Side By Side in UP village

A temple and a mosque share a common yard in this village.

Posted by Brut India on Saturday, June 2, 2018

This village truly sets an example of communal harmony. It shows us the way that two communities, despite having different cultures and traditions can coexist peacefully with understanding. Previously, we have also seen how a Shiv temple was offering Iftaar to the Muslim brothers.

Another old man from the village, Navi Ahmed says, “The time for Namaz is fixed. Whatever time is fixed for Namaz, it takes place at that time. Rest of the time, Puja takes place. And if it’s the Tuesday, the boys have a prayer program. And when we start Namaz at that time. The drums are stopped for sometime and there is no sound. In some time we pray and leave. We are a close-knit- community,” as mentioned in the report.

Residents of Dehriyawan village proudly say that even during the 1992 communal riots in neighboring Ayodhya, this village remained peaceful.

If they can, why can’t the rest of India live with the same peace and harmony?