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Sexism doesn’t only follow women on earth, but also in space. Valentina Tereshkova, a Soviet cosmonaut was to travel into space on June 16, 1963, but it took decades to accept and normalize this very fact. But, one thing that struck our minds is how astronauts, especially women go to the bathroom in space.

Recently, a Nashville, Tennessee-based author Mary Robinette Kowal published an essay To Make It to the Moon, Women Have to Escape Earth’s Gender Bias”  where she documents how due to gender biases in the earth slowed down women’s journey into space. Sharing their thoughts in response to this essay may people have claimed that, it is not sexism that prevented women, but the lack of technology for them to “pee in the space”.

How Astronauts Pee and Poo in Space

But, Kowal doesn’t agree to this and to counter this myth, tweeted in a series of viral posts to show how astronauts use the bathroom in the space. So, how does it feel like, peeing and pooping outside the earth’s orbit?

In the series of tweets, she explains how in the beginning doctors were worried that the astronauts won’t be able to pee in the space or even swallow in the space without the help of gravity. Therefore, the first space mission, which was supposed to take only 15 minutes, no urinating arrangements were made. Unfortunately, the unscheduled mission didn’t go according to plan.

Result? Alan Shepherd, the first man (read guy) to go into space was full of pee because no arrangements were made.

There was a delay in the launchpad and therefore, Shepherd had to go and pee very badly, but he was asked to pee in his suit instead.

Later, they thought the problem could be solved by a condom-shaped apparatus, which they invented to catch urine, but even that didn’t work. Therefore, the astronauts were, most of the time, left with pee in their suits.

But, turns out the size of the pee-condom was a big issue and the men were lying about the size as well. LOL!

For poo, separate bags were there but still, they had to pee and poop in the space capsule because poo bag didn’t work either.

So, to counter the pee-problem in space, a device was invented to suck astronaut’s pee out into space. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Thankfully it was less messy, but like other devices and methods invented prior to this, even this was flawed.

As a result, the immediate solution was to switch back to pee-condoms.

Even after so much effort, the pee-condoms solution was still flawed. If you can recall the moment when Fred Haise got sick in the movie Apollo 13?  Well for those who didn’t know, apparently his genitals were pee-bathing and he couldn’t use the regular vent as it needed to be heated in order to keep the pee from freezing.

No wonder, this detail didn’t make it to the movie.

The alternate system was not error-free and because of zero gravity, it caused the droplets to float around the ship. Now, what did Mission Control do? They asked the astronaut to stop dumping pee. How sad is that?

As a result, the bags used to store their spacesuit was used to collect their pee as well!

It was only a decade later that NASA sent women into space. But, the pee-problem was not solved yet. There was no way pee-condom could have worked in this case, and therefore, they came with a different solution. Guess what? A diaper!

This is what you do when you don’t have a penis and not just women and men also agreed to shift to diapers and got rid of the ass-bag and replaced it with a zero-gravity toilet!

Forget about the early years, even in 2019, peeing and pooping in space was a difficult process. To elaborate on it, poop has to be removed with hands that will be covered with special gloves. (It’s okay if you quit reading here, we will understand… HAHAHAHA)

Peeing is very straightforward and therefore, if the toilet doesn’t break down it is comparatively an easier process than pooping. But, apparently, the toilet does break down. Shit happens you know.

If these facts and information aren’t making you nauseous, then consider these Pee and Poo Fun fact.

CONCLUSION? Slow advancement of women in space is not because of the unavailability of technology for peeing and pooping in space. That wasn’t available either when men started.

Peeping and pooping in space is a nightmare for everyone, be it man or woman. Looks like we have established equality at least in space regardless of the genitalia. LOL!

Kowal was also flooded with questions which included “What about farting in space?” Basically, it seems that she has answers to all bodily functions of humans in space.

Also, just in case you don’t know, burping in space looks like a painful process as well.

So, talking about women and not about periods? That’s just impossible.

By the way, looks like the Goddess for tampons must have been a female astronaut and we can’t thank her enough for that!

Male NASA engineers don’t know how periods work? Here’s what they asked!

Have you ever peed on a schedule? Astronauts do, so that they know when there is a nature’s call!

While we have had enough of pee rituals, looks like Yuri Gagarin had issues as well. He got out of the truck and ended up peeing on the tire.

Even though all women know her shit, but you can read her book “The Fated Sky: A Lady Astronaut Novel” where she wrote an entire chapter about a zero-gravity toilet repair, complete with spinning globe of urine.

But, what about erections in the space?

Women, now you know why it is so harder to be men! LMAO.