How Can You Make The Logo More Attractive?

How Can You Make The Logo More Attractive?

It is not just about visual identity. In fact, a logo is way more than this. It is crucial for brand image. Often, a logo is the starting point of any communication process. Without forgetting that your logo is a strong means of identification of the corporate belly and must be thought of as a whole with your visual identity.

Here, we will explain some simple tricks to make your logo attractive.

How Can You Make The Logo More Attractive?

Simple and unique

The design of your logo must be simple. This will make it easier to remember and associate with your brand. Many company logos are too detailed and do not work in the same way as those that are kept simple. Therefore, when designing the logo it is important to keep in mind that only what is strictly necessary should be included. It is also recommended to use an easy-to-read, and low-color font. In short, your logo has to be simple but memorable.

Color: Importance and meaning

Many times we only think about the shape or typography that our brand will carry. But the color is equally important. It is one of the most important forms of visual communication within the design. Colors are great transmitters of messages. But, not all of us respond exactly in the same way to every color. When it comes to design a perfect logo, you must consider this aspect. What message do you want to convey? How do you want consumers to react to your logo?

  • Yellow: Joy, happiness, warmth, optimism.
  • Orange: Creativity, energy, youthful, friendly.
  • Red: Action, energy, sexy, love, passion.
  • Green: Nature, growth, health, organic.
  • Blue: Tranquility, loyalty, trust, strength, technology.
  • Violet: Fantasy, spirituality, evocative, creative.
  • Rosa: Innocence, tranquility, romantic, delicacy.
  • Black: Power, authority, classic, seriousness.
  • Brown: Historical, seriousness, tradition, depth.
  • White: Simple, peace, clean, pure.

The brand name as a logo

In most cases, logos are made up of a symbol and a name. But in some cases, the brand chooses to use the brand name itself as the brand logo. For this, it is very important to make an exhaustive study of the fonts that could be used in the logo. There is an infinity of fonts, and all of them convey something different. It is not recommended to choose a strange source that is difficult to identify. Better to go for easy to read, and simple fonts.

Relationship between the brand and the logo

Your company logo will be the first thing people come across. So it has to convey everything your brand wants to say. This is not easy, there are many factors to consider: what does your brand convey? What message do you want to give to consumers? What products do you sell? What is your target audience? All these questions are very important to achieve the perfect design. You have to be aware of design trends, research and find out what type of design works best for your brand.

Flexible and versatile

You have to take into account what type of name your brand has. In order to use the name as a logo, it must be unique and unrecognizable. There must be no confusion. We should not get carried away by extravagant designs or copy other logos just because we like them a lot or because they have been very successful. All company logos have a long history behind them and a long journey until they were successful. 

What are the missions of a logotype?

Your logo embodies your image and represents the foundation of your visual identity. The main objective is to get the public to quickly and efficiently memorize this graphic image symbolizing your business. The proportions of a logo are essential and require a harmonious design. The logo must bet on the balance between graphics, typography, and colors. Look at your logo from every angle, in all possible and imaginable contexts. And make sure that it is always easily recognizable and identifiable.

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