Dementia refers to a cluster of symptoms affecting memory, thinking, and even one’s social abilities. Dementia is not a specific disease, as several other diseases may contribute to it. Although dementia mostly involves memory loss, it is not the only cause of memory loss. 

Alzheimer’s disease has been confirmed to be the most common cause of progressive dementia in elders. 

Symptoms of Dementia

The following are some of the symptoms associated with dementia. They include;

  • Memory loss
  • Troubled communication
  • Difficulty with visual and spatial abilities.
  • Difficulty reasoning or problem-solving
  • Difficulty handling complex tasks
  • Difficulty with planning and organizing
  • Difficulty with coordination and motor functions
  • Confusion and disorientation

Dementia is caused by the impairment of nerve cells and their links in the brain. So depending on the area of the brain affected by the destruction, dementia can present different symptoms.

How music players help people live better with dementia

Music’s effect on somebody with dementia is outstanding just like medicine. With music, people suffering from Alzheimer’s have been confirmed to have seen an instant increase in pleasure and even their loquacity. There is also a decrease in fatigue with music. Since music has a great impact on people with dementia, then music therapy should be encouraged. Live Better With Dementia has a great range of dementia music players available to buy for your loved one. 

Music therapy

Singing in addition to playing music should be reinvigorated for people in the initial phases of dementia. Remember, the pleasure of music can be very inspiring, provoking feelings of achievement.

The initial stages are the perfect stages to start amassing lists of preferred songs to your loved one since they can still access memories. So you need to associate cheerful moments with certain bits of music. This will help your loved one to remember those happy moments when you play to them that music.

As stages of dementia progresses, the genuine playing of music may turn out to be infuriating as your loved one loses the capability to remember the occurrences.

Documented music has the ability to heal a soul in the clutch of a maddening spell. Music’s diverting power also assist with bodily activities like isometrics; for example, when performing a given task.

In the middle stages when sleep turns out to be difficult, and music reliefs such as well. Frequent listening to a piece of music has been confirmed to uplift levels of melatonin, which is a hormone that controls sleep.

The playlists made in the initial stages have been confirmed to be extremely helpful when played to your loved one at their late stage of dementia. Treasured songs have the ability to relieve stress in addition to reducing anxiety and restiveness.

When a favorite section of music is played, it activates a lovely signal in the mind called Self-directed Sensory Meridian Reaction which highs like an ordinary reward. Remember, there are areas in the brain which are not affected by the disease and that’s exactly where music target to activate patient’s emotion.

In conclusion; music has been confirmed to be very helpful to a person suffering from dementia.