How To Keep A Sharp Mind And Become More Mindful

How To Keep A Sharp Mind And Become More Mindful

A healthy mind is an important aspect of our overall health. In fact, scientists say that a man is not healthy if all the aspects, social, physical, and mental aren’t balanced. Investing your time in gaining peace of mind and becoming more mindful will help you grow, develop, and change. This is why you should look into the next few practices and see which one fits you best.

Spending time in nature

You know that spending time in nature has many health benefits, so let us touch upon those briefly. Nature has a big impact on our stress levels, helps us reduce anxiety and tension. In the long run, this can help you live a more peaceful life, which protects you from many diseases and prolongs your life, as well as betters the quality of it.

How To Keep A Sharp Mind And Become More Mindful

Being in nature can help you clear your mind, be more grateful and loving as well in touch with yourself and nature. Being around animals, trees, breathing in the fresh air and understanding how small we actually are compared to the force of nature leaves us in awe and keeps us grounded. To be able to truly feel it the way you are supposed to, you can spend time there without technology and phones, so that your experience is stronger and more focused on your personal development.

Mindful activities

How To Keep A Sharp Mind And Become More Mindful

When you need to run away for a bit and clear your thoughts, a good idea is to have a certain activity you can practice to help you with that. Our suggestion is meditation. First of all, set the mood, because it will add a lot to the whole process and feeling. The key so to be extra relaxed. One way you can do that is to use scented tealight candles, where you can stock up on lavender, vanilla, musk, or oriental scents. The scents will take you to another place, and leave you deep in calm thoughts, and the candlelit atmosphere will add to the relaxing effect.

If you are a beginner, the basics are the most important. Closing your eyes, taking deep breaths and maintaining focus on your breathing for at least 10 minutes is more than enough to start. Later, when you get more experienced, you can increase the time. Don’t let your mind wander too much and always try to bring it back to the breathing.

Being active

How To Keep A Sharp Mind And Become More Mindful

Being active in general leaves less space for stress in your life, and it makes you more energized and ready to take on the day. The health benefits include lower blood pressure, stronger immune system, healthy weight, and a stronger organism in general.

By doing exercises, you are concentrating on your body, the movement and breathing, which is why these activities can also be considered mindful. If you are practicing a sport in nature, it will have an even bigger effect.

Some of the sports you can try are running, swimming, dancing, or even doing yoga. All of these will increase your flexibility, get rid of all the stress and anger you may carry and will keep you healthy and good-looking. When doing yoga, start with the simplest poses which will help you stretch and prepare your body for the more complex ones. Those are the mountain pose, standing forward bend, lunge pose, and seated forward bend.

Finding beauty in everyday activities

How To Keep A Sharp Mind And Become More Mindful

Now, this may sound like a cliché, but the truth is, with the fast-paced lives we are living, we need everyday reminders that will help us be more mindful. And there are many ways to do it.

Taking longer, relaxing showers and baths with some music is one way. Other ways include looking out the window on your commute, and noticing different things each time, enjoying the food you made from vegetables from your garden and feeling the taste of it, and taking delight in all the tedious chores like folding the laundry, doing the dishes or cleaning the house. When you think about it, you can practice mindfulness anywhere, anytime. Include all your senses: taste, smell, and touch, and enjoy the process of discovering beauty in the simplest, most ordinary things.

The influence of positive people

How To Keep A Sharp Mind And Become More Mindful

People tend to spend time alone, brooding, and being deep in negative thoughts. And to be honest, it is pretty hard to get out of that alone. Asking for or accepting help from others is nothing to be ashamed of. And being around positive friends and family members will have many benefits. They can be your motivation and role models for changing or dealing with something. They can help you adopt a healthy mindset, and in return, you will feel grateful and supported. Plus, the less drama and tension you are facing, and the more good vibes you’ll have and the happier and more positive you will be.

By working on your mindfulness and clearing your thoughts, you will get a healthy body and a peaceful mind. Less stress and anxiety is the key to a longer life, so it is one more reason to start with your journey today.

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