Technological advancements and innovations have changed much of our lives and a perfect example of this how we approach relationships and dating. You could whip out your phone and find a date on faster than it would take to get ready for a night on the town. Even when you’re already in a relationship, technology plays a huge role because keeping in touch is significantly easier. Couples can text each other so they’re always in contact. They can send photos, video recordings and even facetime each other whenever they’re feeling lonely.

dating technology

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Here are a few other ways technology has changed dating and relationships:

1. You can learn more about someone before you say “Hello”

Almost everyone has an online presence and that gives singles a unique opportunity to learn more about someone before they even make that first introduction. Let’s you’re browsing a popular dating app and you come across someone who catches your eye. Instead of sending them a message right away, you can read their dating profile to see if you have any common interests or even want the same thing, relationship-wise. That profile could very well help you find your soulmate or dodge a bullet!

2. Everything is documented for the world to see

Many of us use our social media accounts to document much of our lives. We love to share the exciting things in their lives, as well as get support when we hit a rough spot. Every new relationship, every break-up, every flirty comment that you post on your timeline (or even someone else’s), it will always be there. Even if you delete the scathing post where you air your grievances about a fight you and your partner, people can take screencaps and use them against you later.

If you want to keep the world from speculating about the goings-on in your relationship, it’s best to keep the big stuff to yourself.

3. It gives the saying “there’s other fish in the sea” new meaning

When we go through a breakup, many people have someone in their lives that will try to offer some encouragement and say something like, “Don’t worry, there’s other fish in the sea.” Although they mean well, that phrase tends to feel like a lame attempt to console and encourage at the same time. Thankfully when the newly single are told there are other fish in the sea now, there really is. A person could join any dating site or use an app and within seconds you’d have hundreds of singles right there at your fingertips!

4. Even the busiest people can meet people and find dates

If there’s one thing to be said about society, its that people have less and less time to dedicate to meeting people. It’s true that we meet new people every day but there aren’t too many people who have the courage to hit on someone when they’re waiting in the subway or picking their kids up from dance class. Technology changes all of that. Singles all over the world can hop on their favorite dating site or app and start meeting dozens of singles whenever they want. So if you can’t sleep at 11 p.m. on a Tuesday, you can go online and be certain there will be someone online too. If you’re a busy CEO whose schedule is filled with business meetings, networking events, and company takeovers (even ruthless moguls need love!), technology could be the very thing that’ll help you meet your ideal partner when it’s most convenient for you.

5. Getting attention on a dating site gives users a rush of excitement

You know how exciting it can be when you post a photo on Facebook or Instagram and it receives a lot of likes and comments? We all want validation in some form, so when we get a lot of views, likes, comments and all that, we’re going to start feeling like we’re hot stuff! For each thumbs-up you get, the dopamine your brain produces will spike, which makes you feel pretty damn good. The same goes for online dating. When you get a random notification that so-and-so was viewing your profile or someone sent you a message, we get a rush of excitement. It’s not uncommon for people to get “addicted” to social media and online dating because they enjoy the dopamine spikes from those random notifications that you are desirable, intriguing, and someone people want to date.

Technology is all around us. It’s in the cars we drive, the smart devices in our pockets, we even rely on it to keep our homes safe from intruders. With tech touching just about every facet of our lives, it isn’t so surprising that people are using it to find love… or at the very least a new friend.

Is technology ruining how we socialize? Dating will never be as it was during our parents or grandparent’s time, but is that so bad? Do you know the saying that you should work smarter, not harder? In our opinion, this definitely works for dating, too. Why would you rely on conventional methods of meeting people when you could meet hundreds of new people within a matter of seconds?
You wouldn’t and you don’t have to, thanks to technology. Finding love has never been easier.