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18 Points That Exactly Summarize The Life Of A Writer

“Had I not been a writer, what would have I been?”

I have often questioned myself. As a shy twelve-year-old, my world began and ended in my books. I didn’t know that I could write until I secured the second position in an impromptu Creative Writing Competition back in the sixth grade. My schoolmates remember me as a bookworm and as a pupil whose favorite subject was English Literature. Those were my little quirks back then.

Today, as a twenty-four-year-old; I have identified some of our common personality traits as a fellow writer. Give a read to these eighteen points and give yourself a pat on the back if you are a writer yourself.

traits of a writer

1. We talk through our words

Expressions mean written words. And, we cannot help but vent everything on a paper. We feel lucky to be born in the texting generation for we are comfortable typing our feelings out more than having a face-to-face conversation.

2. You are much more than a person to us. You are a living story.

Every unique experience that you share catches our fancy and features in one of our write-ups. Sometimes, we use a fictional character to narrate a real-life instance to maintain confidentiality. You are a muse to us. You are a living story.

3. We are cursed to feel everything deeply.

It must be something as trivial as a loss of a pen but we feel emotions deeply than others. Maybe, it is because of our tendencies to keep things to ourselves. But, when under the influence of overwhelming feelings, we write. Some of our best works happen when we are going through a personal tragedy. We are wired to let our emotions sink deep, right in our hearts.

4. We are keen, silent observers.

You might not know but we are paying attention to each and every word that you are uttering. We are picking your quirks. We are making a note of your dressing sense. And, it is not restricted to humans; we are also obsessed with observing our surroundings. The apple that littered on the road is as important to us as you graduating from college. Some of us are so good at retaining little details from ages ago.

5. You might hate us for being Grammar Nazis.

One wrong spelling, one misplaced punctuation, one grammatical mistake and you are already under our scrutiny. We are forever at the risk of being labeled as ‘snooty’ or ‘high-headed’ for correcting errors but that is how we are. But, we never mean to demean anyone. Some of us ignore pointing out mistakes but deep down, the urge to correct, never dies.

6. Every writer craves solitude time-to-time.

Crowded places are a big no for us. We love our solitude. You will never see us partying with a large group of friends. When we write, we need our laptops, our coffee mugs and lots of alone time to craft a written piece.

7. We are always ready to lend our ears to you. We won’t disappoint you for we are good listeners.

We are always on the lookout for inspiration. Your powerful stories can inspire the writer within us. We might not always have a solution to your misery but we are just there, listening and sometimes it’s more than enough.

8. And, inspiration can just be anything for us.

Even we don’t know what might inspire us. It might just be something as simple as gazing into the moon. “The night is tender and young. When I look high in the sky, I see light in the moon and twinkle in the stars among. Dark and light play a game sly, Both exist. Both fade. They don’t deny.

9. Creativity can be found in cluttered desks and messy piles.

Some of us are lazy and messy. But, our creativity knows no bounds. An entire dustbin full of rejected written samples is a testimony of the mess we make but in the end, the outcome satisfies our inner souls. Our tables and bookshelves are surrounded by humungous piles of books and notes, but none of them are wasted material.

10. Half of our salaries go into buying every book that steals our eyes.

Be it the second-hand bookstores, the footpaths, fancy bookshops, book cafes, or book fairs; we cannot resist books. Our bank account statements know the splurge that we make on our books. Books are life!

11. Not everything is ‘fictional’.

When we write anything that is ‘fictional’, chances are that it is not. Certain aspects of pieces written by us are always derived from true events but we just don’t want to let the cat out of the bag. We love to maintain the mysterious aura.

12. We hate talking over the phone but swear by texting.

We are introverts who are at their expressive best when we are texting. This is one of the ways through which we open our souls, a bit more.

13. We are possessive about any printed matter that we own.

From our manuscripts, write-ups to books purchased by us, we fiercely guard them. We do not like to share our books for we fear that you might not take care of them as we do. A torn page in the books brings an entire waterfall to our eyes. Watch out!

14. You know you are special to us if we send you a handwritten note or a letter often.

This is how we prove to you that you mean the world to us. I remember pouring my heart out to my first boyfriend through the means of a letter. We value you and we hope that you value our words, equally. Writing back to us would be a pleasant surprise!

15. More than a mushy feeling, love is a tragedy to us.

Given the intensity with which we feel, love is rarely easy for us. Our lovers shall always be alive in our words in some form or the other. Sometimes, we are not loved back while, at other times, we just complicate the emotion. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure that if we have fallen for you, you are definitely going to show up in our writings. We will never get over you. We just don’t know how to fuse the muse.

16. We are the editors of resumes and bios of our non-writer pals.

Our non-writing friends’ bribe us to write their bios and edit their resumes by putting a fancy word here and there and dare we say no to them.

17. Not all of us wear ‘kurtas’ all the time.

While we love our ethnic collection, we do not like to be stereotyped as ‘jholachap‘, all the time. We like to remain in our skins. We respect individualities more than anything else.

18. Lastly, we overthink and we don’t do anything about it.

Why did my Boss ask me to leave early? Is she going to fire me? Should I start looking for another job? I must have forgotten to send the mail” – are just some of the thoughts that are gifts from our overthinking minds. We tend to over-analyze each situation and end up taking everything to the heart.

Writing is not a profession to us, it is our heart carefully wrapped in a gifted paper of words. Words guide us home, every day, every second.

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Saumya Sahni

Saumya Sahni

I am Saumya Sahni, a Journalism graduate from University of Delhi. I hold a penchant for reading and a flair for writing. However, the frenzy for writing is such that I could just go on elaborating and not STOP! As a dramatic, over-the-top, overtly emotional person, I have an affinity for Bollywood movies. I have derived most of the important life lessons from dialogues like, “Hanso, gao, muskarao, kya pata kal ho na ho."

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