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Life never ceases to surprise us with its dark shades. Isn’t it? It makes it easy for all of us to complain at the drop of a hat and give excuses to not try harder enough, to not give that little extra effort or to try something new. When we look around, we see that there are hundreds of people who have achieved extra ordinary feats, in spite of all the odds life has to offer. And that is because they never gave up. They believed in themselves. Above all, they were hungry to mark their own identity as an individual and get over the short comings.

Kamini Srivastava was just like any other child, until she was 4 years old. Life took an unfortunate turn when she met with an accident and ended up losing both her hands in her early childhood. Just when many would have given up on life, she chose to battle her destiny with her hard work and determination. She learned to write using her feet and completed her formal education. She now also holds a Master’s degree.

Kamini Srivastava, the courageous girl who refused to give up, is currently working as a Child Development Officer in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

She reminds us, once again, that nothing is impossible if you are determined.

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