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To study medicine, this farmer’s son traveled 100 kilometers from his village in Kalipatti, Tamil Nadu due to lack of a hospital in his area.

Now that he has become a doctor, Meghanathan P, who was awarded Pandit Shitla Charan Bajpai Gold Medal on Tuesday for being the best postgraduate student in pediatrics for 2018, wants to go back to his village and start a hospital for children.

Meghanathan P doctor

According to the TOI report, pursuing education was difficult for Dr. Meghanathan as he had to assist his father in plowing and farming half an acre of land that belonged to his family.

To balance work and studies, he used to get up at 2 am and studied till 8 am for the medical entrance exam. Then he attended school and on returning, worked on the farm with his father.

Apart from this, Dr. Arohi Gupta, who won Thakur Ulfat Singh gold medal for being the best student in MD (pediatrics), said, “It was my parents’ dream that I should become a doctor. Over time, I started dreaming the same too. I want to open an NGO for free treatment of poor patients.

Also for scoring highest in MDS (Prosthodontics) and Crown & Bridge, Dr. Snehkiran Raghuvanshi won Prof N K Agarwal gold medal. In an interview, she said, “I always wanted to become a dentist and after getting the second rank in UPPGME, I got enrolled in KGMU. Since my sister is a pathologist, I wanted to do something different and joined dentistry.”