proteins-in-our-body-lifebeyondnumbersImagine owning a Rolls Royce or a Bentley!!! And when you do, do you think it will never need any repairing or servicing? Yes, even one of the most technologically advanced creations of mankind need repairing or at least servicing, at some point of time or the other.

The human body is nature’s most advanced creation, the most intriguing and mysterious object to mankind itself. Yet, we use, misuse and abuse our bodies, and in fact exploit it to its maximum potential throughout our lives. But little do we realize how much of wear and tear our bodies go through in that one single life span. We all learnt in school that our body is made up of millions and millions of microscopic cells. And each cell is a huge factory in itself, performing a number of phenomenal functions, right from the time we are born till the time we are alive. And since we are blessed with nature’s best created machine on this planet, it is our duty to provide this machine with the best fuel to make it perform at its maximum potential.

The food we eat gives us all the fuel to run this machine 24/7 at its optimum performance internally and externally. And out of the five vital nutrients that we get from food, Protein is the nutrient which is responsible for repairing and growth of each and every cell of our body. The body which we are so proud of or want to be proud of at any stage of life. Thus, does it not become extremely essential for our body to be fuelled well with meals which are rich in best quality and quantity of proteins in our daily diet?

Milk and milk products like paneer (cottage cheese) and curd, eggs, chicken, fish and lean cuts of meat are sources of the best quality protein which ensure that those millions of factories of our body (the cells) are able to perform their tasks at their best.

For instance, a simple task like standing or cooking an exotic meal for a couple of hours or playing a football game with your kids on a vacation may feel impossible  if your diet is compromised in the quality and quantity of proteins on a daily basis.

It implies that the person is malnourished and is ageing fast. The best meal pattern is to consume at least 5 small meals in a day at an interval of 3-4 hours and one serving of any of the above mentioned protein rich foods in each meal.

Benefits Of Adequate Protein Iintake:

#1. Ideal body fat percentage

#2. Slowing down of the ageing process

#3. Excellent performance in daily life activities

#4. Progressive results from the exercise and/or sport activities

#5. Glowing skin and reduced hair loss

#6. Ability to enjoy the best quality of life till the end

#7. Optimum brain function even as you age

#8. Drastically reduced cravings for sweets or junk foods

#9. Improved immunity and resistance to infections

#10. Ability to get your dream body

And many more….

It’s a myth that proteins are bad for health. Proteins are the very building blocks of the human body – from hair to skin, blood to bones, muscles to organs, everything is made of protein.

Fitness means ability to accomplish whatever you command your body to do all your life. And this can be achieved by repairing the worn out cells and growing new cells in our body constantly by eating a serving of best quality of protein rich foods in all the 5 meals every day.

Live to the fullest with right eating!