Even though the seven sisters are very much a part of India, our knowledge of them is dismal, to say the least. We hardly know anything about the culture, politics, or history of the region. And about food, our knowledge is strictly limited to Momos and Thukpa. But the North-Eastern part of India has a plethora of lip-smacking food items to boast of.

Though it is impossible to include each and every one of them in this list, I would like to mention some of my personal favorites, which you should definitely try whenever you are in that part of the country.

And before I forget, Momos are truly delectable, and they taste even more delicious with hot soup and red-hot chutney. But they won’t find a mention in the list because they are already so popular.

1. Laksa from Assam

It is a delicious noodle soup made with rice noodles. Rice, like many other parts of India, is a staple in Assam. This soup’s mouthwatering taste comes from Coconut Milk, Tamarind paste, flavored fish paste, and spices. Unlike most of the street foods, this one is actually quite healthy and filling, and truly lip-smacking!!

2. Kelli Chana from Manipur

Kelli chana literally means spicy peas. If stories are to believed, the dish got its name from a woman named Kelli who used to sell spicy chickpeas under a tree. The crispy chickpeas are mixed with various herbs to give it a tangy, spicy flavor. Traditionally the cuisine is served on a lotus leaf, which gives it a unique and authentic flavor.

3. Chikhvi from Tripura

This is probably one of the most flavorful and aromatic dishes in India. Made with stir-fried Bamboo shoots and Pork pieces, this dish is a delight to your taste-buds. Spiced with turmeric, ginger paste, rice flour paste, some raw papayas, and green chilies, Chikhvi is a must try cuisine.

4. Sanpiau from Mizoram

Sanpiau is a kind of rice porridge served with fresh coriander paste, crushed black pepper, tangy fish sauce, and finely powdered rice. To add a bit more taste, it is topped with pan sizzled spring onions. It is simple yet absolutely delightful to taste.

5. Kappa from Meghalaya

This is the perfect snack to have in the Meghalayan rains. It is made using chicken entrails and spiced with garden fresh herbs and spices. This hot broth is a delicious comfort food!

6. Shapale from Sikkim

The Tibetan origin Shapale is essentially a meat pie, which is similar to a large deep fried momo or a samosa. It has a crunchy exterior filled with a gooey interior(meat), and is eaten with the red hot chili sauce and rutang soup(a soup made from bony meats).

7. Kinalas from Nagaland

It is a noodle dish made from the head of the pig and is accompanied with a brown sauce topping. This dish uses the famous Bhut Jolokia, which is one of the hottest chilies in the world. Be sure to give it a try the next time you are in Nagaland.