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People with facial deformities often face a lot of cruelty when they are around vile people, and there are endless stories which can vouch for that.

Natalie Weaver, a happy mother of 3 beautiful children hails from Charlotte, a city in North Carolina (US). But what makes her story different and inspiring is she is battling hate, not for herself but for her daughter.

Sophia, her 10-year-old daughter was born with facial, hand and foot deformities and is the only person in this world to have such a combination of conditions.

Natalie Weaver tweeted- “We are grateful for another beautiful holiday season with Sophia. She continues to overcome & fight every daily challenge & difficulty she faces. She does it with so much sweetness, laughter and positivity. She is the definition of strength. I’m so proud of my girl. #SweetSophia

To a father-daughter holiday photo posted on social media, which shows nothing but love towards a child, a woman saw this as an opportunity to write hateful comments through a horrid post on Twitter and called the mother ‘sick and twisted’ for not killing her daughter because of her facial deformity.

To this, Weaver wrote-This is what I get for posting a proud holiday pic of my child(like all other mom’s). Only I’ll never be allowed to post proud & sweet moments without receiving vile judgments, ignorant statements & hate. I can’t change this on my own. I need your help. #SweetSophia


Sophia’s health challenges include an extremely rare immune deficiency, Type 1 diabetes, and Rett Syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes seizures, breathing disorders, tremors, and many other issues, and has left her unable to walk, talk, and use her hands. She needs around the clock care.

Not rattled by trolls or human cruelties, Sophia and her family are standing strong against the everyday challenges. People send her death threats, numerous forms of hate speech, troll her and some have even used her picture to promote abortion- fighting this day after day itself speaks about this superlative family.

Sophia with her happy, strong family

Twitteratis have praised her efforts to fight hate and this is what they are saying-


Sophia’s Voice, a non-profit organization in Sophia’s honor is the brainchild of Weaver and it aims to provide medical assistance and equipment to people with disabilities. She is battling hate and making people aware of such conditions through her TwitterFacebook, and Instagram accounts.

Weaver suggests, you to check out Face Equality International if you want to support children like Sophia and her family and help fight the stigma and prejudice attached to her condition.