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Failure is a stepping stone to Success.”- This man’s attitude towards failure helped him design a car that can run on water.

Pursuing Bachelor of Arts and currently in his second-year, 21-year-old Prasanna Deka, hails from Piporadokan in Assam’s Darrang district. After failing for 55 times in his attempts, he recently has found success in creating something sustainable in the long run- a steam engine car.

He uses normal drinking water and a bit of soda which helps in electrolyzing and produces Hydrogen gas which then helps in starting the engine.

Considering the fuel-price, it seems Assam is having a win-win situation with this invention. To create this beauty, Deka has invested six-long months and spend 85 thousand rupees.

While political parties, organizations, and institutions are complaining and staging protests against the government, the boy has come up with a solution that can change the future of this country for the better.

The youth was elated to share the news of the completion of his project and while speaking to TIME8, he says, “At a time when pollution has raised eyebrows of climate scientists, I think, this vehicle will definitely help in the preservation of the environment, if it gets recognition.”

After his classes, Prasanna worked at his college canteen, and also as a daily wager in other places to earn the money he needed for the project. He invested 6-long months to make the car fully functional. His family and friends also supported him in whichever way they can.

In 2016, a 44-year-old mechanic from Madhya Pradesh designed and patented a similar car that ran on a mixture of water and calcium carbide. A chemical reaction between water and calcium carbide takes place that forms acetylene which becomes the fuel to propel the engine.

There is no shortcuts in life and no match for hard work either and Prasanna has proved that with his incredible invention.

Prasanna has named his car H2O.