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Reality checks, Microsoft has long established its worldwide reputation for decades. And during this span of years, they have ventured in providing certifications to address the growing need of highly-skilled professionals. These certifications are not just so-so credentials but rather globally-recognized validations of your skills. And if you want something that gives you more than what you need, you’ll never go wrong with an MCSA certification through Microsoft 70-698 exam.

Microsoft 70-698 is second of the exam requirement of the MCSA Windows 10 credential. If you pass this and its previous 70-697 exam, you’re on your doorstep to one of IT’s most reputable career paths- becoming a computer support specialist. However, like most certification exams offered by Microsoft, the exam 70-698 Installing and Configuring Windows 10 requires an exam taker’s tough preparation. It is indeed a challenge for most certified professionals to pass the difficulty level of this exam. But if you can successfully go through 70-698, you have the stamp of approval of the industry not just as a qualified Microsoft certification holder, but as a skillful IT professional.

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But how do you make your way into Microsoft’s finish line? Set all your worries away as we’ll help you answer this notorious question. Have a look at the tips we’ve compiled to guide you in achieving this certification exam.

Go head-on with the objectives

The first thing you must scratch from your preparation process is to know the objectives. It’s a must for you to learn the priorities of the exam. In 70-698, the main target is in installing, configuring and managing Windows 10 core services. Basically, this involves performing in Power shell and GUI. From there, you must aim all your effort and dedication. Try to go over all the exam’s objectives and avoid missing other parts that are equally important as the rest. The guide provided on Microsoft’s site is the one you must follow. Remember that the exam questions can get extremely tricky and complex. These are not the type of questions that you can just guess or simply overlooked, read this article.

Have your own lab environment

Given the complexity of the exam, it is not only enough to browse on written materials. Having your own lab environment will bring more ease in your learning experience since you will be hands-on in learning about Windows 10. Besides, your lab computer will give you more freedom in trying whatever it is you feel beneficial in your learning process. It will work regardless if you’re a visual, aural learner and so on. All you need is a PC or VM that is installed with a Windows 10 trial. The videos provided in the Windows 10 MV environment will guide you in comprehending the topics better.

Study Exam 70-698 Official Book

Having the Microsoft Exam Ref book close to your reach will make your training in the lab environment more effective. The topics that you need to grasp are found in the book and they are laid out in an organized and accurate manner that is easy for readers to absorb. So, if the need to look back on the exam topics arises, you can easily just go into the topic you need work on from the book. It is entitled ‘Exam Ref 70-698 Installing and Configuring Windows 10, Second Edition’ and is purchasable online. Once you get your copy, make sure to have it beside you every time you practice using the lab environment.

Complete a classroom or online course

Having the luxury of attending either a classroom or online course is useful for 70-698 test takers. Through these kinds of training, you become well-rounded in approaching the Windows 10 MV environment. A brief 5-day course can bring impact on your understanding of the exam. This is usually the step undertaken by exam takers before they burrow in practice exams and dumps. Some online courses provide flashcards that are hugely useful in familiarizing the exam. You can utilize these to maximize your overall learning and tech capacity.

Use Microsoft 70-698 Dumps

Exam dumps can enhance your potential as a Microsoft candidate. What it provides you is an opportunity to look at how the questions are structured. A source you can rely on for exam 70-698 is ExamSnap and the dumps it offers. You can access here over 176 questions with answers that will put you into rigorous practice. Besides, it also provides a 1601-paged study guide. ExamSnap offers verified and accurate questions and answers to keep you updated on the topics. If there are points which you find unclear in the book or any of the courses you’ve attended, this is an alternative material for you. Moreover, you can communicate with other candidates sitting for the same exam by asking your question on ExamSnap website. The users present there already know if the dump is helpful and can share with you the tips they use to pass this or that Microsoft exam. So, be fully prepared for the exam and use only up-to-date prep material.

Make use of Video Training Websites

Someone who has delved into different study materials has more advantage over the one who has not. If you add video training websites to your preparation resources, you will be able to encounter more concepts tackled in the exam. The people heading these video training are usually professionals who have already gone through the certification exam. Though its discussions are not really that extensive, they can nevertheless give you additional knowledge of the 70-698.

Spend time using practice tests

Practice tests are made for nothing. Similar to other study materials, these will help you measure your current skill set level and preparation. It will also give you a sense of readiness since you will learn just what the format of the exam questions and the entire exam will be. There’s a practice test offered in Microsoft for you to access.


The tips above are some of the most effective ways to give you a productive preparation of the Microsoft Exam 70-698. Go over the list and see what you can apply with your own learning style. Use all your strengths and skills to pass the 70-698 exam and get MCSA Windows 10 credential.