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One MLM company that’s making a noise in the industry right now is ASEA. It’s popular for its skin care, cellular health, and nutrition products. Its most popular product, the ASEA Redox, claims to have the greatest number of active redox signaling molecules.

ASEA product pros and cons

The company has been in business since 2009 and is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. As of 2014, ASEA’s revenue has reached $70 million. If you’re thinking of signing up with this popular MLM company, below are its pros and cons.


ASEA proved to be an effective income-generating business model, thanks to its brand name and huge claims. Signing up with SEA comes with a sea of advantages. Here are just a few of them:

1. Product claims

While ASEA’s products are not something new, they’ve done a great job at making their products unique. This gives the distributor a great edge over its competitors. Introducing a unique product on the market is an instant win among potential sellers.

What makes ASEA’s product unique is its bold claims of medical breakthroughs. The company has provided some science backing to prove its products’ claims. This gives ASEA’s products a promising potential over its competitors.

2. Branding and endorsements

One of the great things about ASEA is how established its brand is. The roster of athletes who endorse ASEA products and are also primary believers of the products creates a picture of credibility. This speaks volume in terms of tangible proof that ASEA’s products can help you maintain your health or recover from illness quickly.

3. Good reviews

ASEA has been able to amass good reviews from within its company as well as from the Better Business Bureau. This recognition invites a lot of interest to potential customers and distributors. There may be a few complaints, but those are just minor admin issues that ASEA was able to iron out and improve.

Selling products from a company with a lot of positive reviews enables you to convince more customers. On top of that, the reviews can become your selling points in every transaction. ASEA’s great standing with the Better Business Bureau makes it one of the of highest-rated MLM companies in the industry.

4. Company standing

ASEA’s been in the business for a significant period. It has pretty much established itself as a credible source of highly effective products. Most MLM companies fail within the first three years of business. ASEA has been standing strong for almost ten years now and is projected to expand exponentially in the coming years.


Basically, the main disadvantages of signing up with ASEA Global revolve around how they package their products and their claims. What they offer is similar to what has been offered by their many different competitors over the past few decades. Unfortunately, ASEA Global has not done a great job of differentiating itself among a sea of health and wellness companies.

The following are the major downsides of ASEA:

1. Limited number of products

They only have four products in their lineup. This comes up as inadequate compared with its competitors who have a broad range of products under their belts. On an MLM business standpoint, having many products offer greater opportunities to sell to customers and at the same time to expand the customer base.

An MLM company with a limited number of products forces distributors to drive revenue on a single product. This can be both an advantage and disadvantage – either the distributor can focus on selling a single product or a distributor may find a limited market to sell the product to.

2. Uncreative product

ASEA’s product line is an old-fashioned formula. In fact, there’s been a lot of variations of the same product that offer inflated claims. To a layman, the product is practically water with some “special” formula and ingredients that cost over $100 per month.

While the same statement can be said to ASEA’s competitors, the major problem is that ASEA wasn’t innovative enough to articulate its scientific claims. Without adequate research and experiments demonstrated, it’s difficult for a product to offer conclusive claims. If a seller pitches a specific claim, it will result in false advertising. This will be detrimental to ASEA’s reputation.

3. Problematic compensation model

ASEA’s compensation model requires a distributor to recruit people who will be built into two legs. This is common for MLMs. However, what makes ASEA’s compensation model problematic is the way distributors have to make money. They have to rely their commissions and promotions on the weaker branch of their two legs.

Distributors end up focusing on recruitment rather than sales. This creates a system that holds back a capable and competent distributor. Every distributor then will become strong based on their weakest member.

Final Thoughts

ASEA is not a scam, even though a lot of people are claiming it is. The company has been verified by the Better Business Bureau and maintains an A+ rating. Is it wise to sign up with ASEA? The company’s credibility with accredited marketplace organization as well as the positive customer feedback on ASEA’s products can speak a lot for that.