The thought of traveling to new places, meeting new people, and enjoying a sense of freedom may seem like a distant dream. But with the right minimalist methods, this dream can easily become a reality.

Travel does not have to be an expensive splurge or a logistical nightmare. You can easily embark on an affordable cross-country adventure using these minimalist steps.

1. Live On The Road

While this may sound extreme, living on the road does not necessarily mean living on the streets or adopting a truly nomadic lifestyle. Rent or buy a van, trailer, RV, or any type of portable home that allows you to travel without spending money on hotels every night.

Mobile homes provide all the same comfort and amenities of a hotel, and they are significantly cheaper.

Before your journey, research airstream trailers for sale, or look into renting a portable home. You can then sleep, cook, relax, and live in the comfort of a home while traveling.

2. Limit Possessions

With limited space in a mobile home, you must cut back on meaningless possessions. Houses can easily become cluttered with junk that builds up over the years. Switching to a minimalist lifestyle liberates you from a house full of useless stuff.

Choose which possessions have significance, and sell or donate everything else. You will then have more appreciation for the things you do love, and you will focus more on the beauty and power of intangible things.

3. Plan Your Budget

A minimalist lifestyle also saves you money. Buy only the essentials, such as food, gas, or shelter, and you spend less money on clothes, accessories, or electronics that you do not really need.

Plan a realistic budget that allows you to experience the joys of traveling without draining your bank account. Installing basic kitchen equipment in your mobile home is ideal for saving money so you can cook your own meals. This will eliminate the hefty costs of constantly eating in restaurants, and since you are already saving on nightly accommodation, you are well on your way to becoming an expert minimalist traveler.

4. Research Campgrounds

While on the road, you may want to camp overnight in a place you really love. The country is full of campgrounds and RV parks where you can settle down, but be sure to research them beforehand.

Some campgrounds charge up to $15 a night for space, whereas others may be completely free. There are plenty of guidebooks and websites that can help you organize your journey, and campsite costs are worth considering in your travel budget.

5. Enjoy The Freedom

Go wherever you want, when you want. Stay in one place for two months and other places for two days. Some may choose to plan their cross-country journeys in advance, others may choose to take it one day at a time.

Either way, embrace the freedom. You no longer have a home, a mortgage, and neighbors to worry about. You can surround yourself with beautiful landscapes and friendly fellow travelers, and you can do it all for cheaper than an average life in the suburbs.