This housemaid’s visiting card from Pune has turned out to be a new internet sensation. And for a good reason.

Geeta Kale, a domestic helper in Pune’s Bavdhan area was sad because she lost work at a house. The financial crunch was taking a toll on her and therefore, Dhanashree Shinde decided to help her.

pune maid visiting card

A Facebook post shared on November 7, narrates the whole incident beautifully. The post has gone viral on the social media platform and changed Kale’s fate forever. Job offers are pouring in from pan India. Within twenty-four hours, a smart business card was designed and 100 cards printed!

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#Day66 Dhanashree Shinde & Geeta Maushi

Dhanashree got back home from a…

Posted by Dhanashree Shinde on Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Dhanashree further guided Maushi to hand out the cards in their neighborhood with the help of the society watchman. 

Visiting card of “Maushi” read, “Geeta Kale, Ghar Kaam Maushi in Bavdhan. Aadhaar card verified”. Being transparent with her services, the visiting card also included her rates per different household activities. Awesome! 

The post was shared by Asmita Javdekar, founder, Creative Nurturer at Aatman and later reposted by Shinde.

From Red FM to news channels, everyone was trying to reach out to Maushi and cover her story. WhatsApp was going berserk with the message being forwarded and forwarded!! The limelight brought the big shining smile back on Maushi’s face.

One simple act of kindness is all that matters. Shinde’s selfless act is inspiring. It also sends a beautiful message that if we truly want to help someone, we can. Just look around us and change someone’s lives.