Kudos to this headmaster who doubles up as a toilet cleaner so that school children do not face sanitation related issues. He is definitely setting up an example of exactly how teachers can transform the fate of a nondescript government school in a positive manner.

B. Mahadeshwara Swamy cleaning toilets

B. Mahadeshwara Swamy cleaning toilets | source

B. Mahadeshwara Swamy, the headmaster of the Government Primary School in Hongahalli in Gundlupet, not only starts his day by cleaning toilets but he has also established a library for kids by paying from his own pocket as well as curated a garden at the school, mentioned the TOI report.

Mahadeshwara started the practice of cleaning toilets on February 6, 1988, when he joined the tribal school set up by Dr. H Sudarshan in BR Hills and has never skipped it since then. While working there for more than 8 years, he realized the importance of personal hygiene and social service.

Further, he joined government service in 1994 and continued to practice the same. “It is our duty to clean the places we use. Clean toilets are essential for a healthy life. So, I am continuing this exercise wherever I go,” he added.

Residents say that he is also engaged in classroom cleaning. Praising his efforts, a villager said, “What makes him special is he ensures that every student takes care of personal hygiene. He also makes every child a part of learning activities, sports, and games. Parents are pleased and are sending their children to school regularly.

H R Revanna, who is a local gram panchayat member recalls the day when Mahadeshwara joined the school. “He was transferred to this school years ago. He began his first day by cleaning the school toilets and water sump. He has always ensured that students remained clean and disciplined. The school changed for the better after he assumed the charge of the headmaster,” he said.