Fondly known as a man with a golden heart, industrialist Ratan Tata has recently shared a heartfelt post on Instagram in an attempt to find shelter for an abandoned dog. His post has melted everyone’s heart online and made some emotional as well. 

While he himself is an owner of two pet dogs, the 81-year-old is known for his love for animals and in 2018, he was in the news for dedicating a part of his residence in Mumbai to street dogs. 

Ratan Tata love for dog

Stressing on the fact how painful it is for animals to become homeless, on Instagram he wrote- “I cannot imagine what must go through their minds when one day they have a home, and the next they don’t. The kindness in 9-month-old Myra’s eyes still stays after being abandoned, and I could really use your help in finding her a family.” 

Through his post, he has requested his followers to find a shelter for a 9-month old abandoned Labrador. 

Along with the sad yet beautiful post, Tata also shared the pics of two dogs. In no time the post was flooded with comments and one user even wrote- “if each one starts thinking like you, there will not be abandon cases and all the stray dogs will have Home #onehomeatatime”.