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The noble act by this 20-year-old man from Kashmir can be considered as one of the hallmarks of humanity. When Manjeet Singh saw a profusely bleeding woman who had just met with a road accident; he turned his turban into a bandage, preventing further loss of blood, and helped her survive.

Manjeet Singh

Manjeet Singh

Manjeet, who hails from Dewar, Tral, gave a new lease of life to the 45-year-old Muslim woman who was hit by a speeding truck. The truck sped away and her only hope was the mercy of passer-by. When no one offered her help, Manjeet rushed in and did the best he could do at that very moment.

“I could not resist using my own turban to plug the wound. I did what anyone else in my place would have done,” Manjeet said to Kashmir Life.

Manjeet’s life is also full of hardships but still, he chooses to help others and feels that what he did was not extraordinary but something that is very ordinary. He is the sole bread owner for his family after his father died and lives in a modest house with his handicapped mother, sister, and an elder brother.

His father Karnail Singh, a daily-wager in Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, Kashmir (SKUAST), Manjit was recruited in his place as a daily-wager and all he wants is a permanent job so that he can feed his family properly.

In Sikhism, Turban or dastaar is a headwear which is considered an essential article of faith that represents honor, self-respect, courage, spirituality, and piety. Males wear it in the belief that it will enhance their spiritual strength and reinforce the idea that in the eyes of God, everyone is noble and equal.

In a country where communal tension is at its peak, Manjeet’s gesture of foregoing his religious obligations to save a human being is exemplary. He definitely proved the true meaning of wearing a turban through his act of kindness and generosity!