Singapore is one of the best destinations for tourism and business in the world. People from all over the world eye Singapore as an excellent place to do business and seek employment. People who have qualified for an e pass eligibility have been seen to apply in large numbers according to government reports.

Further, Visa Express agents have disclosed that tourists also form a significant number of people coming to the country to enjoy the scenery, culture and many other attractions. It is, therefore, crucial to cover some of the things to do when you visit Singapore. Here they are.

1. Visit The Marina Bay

A visit to Singapore cannot be complete without visiting this district. It is iconic of Singapore and contains many attractions including the floating stadium, Gardens by the Bay and Art Science Museum among others. Things get even better in the evening when the whole area is lit to its best. You can also decide to eat a meal at the Marina Bay Sands Resort or stay a night there for an even better experience.

2. Visit The Singapore Zoo

The zoo allows you to interact with the natural habitat first-hand. When you take a trip to the zoo, you will get a chance to view the wildlife in their natural homes from one of the numerous viewpoints. Despite wherever you come from, watching wildlife can never be a boring experience. The Singapore Zoo has different exhibits including those of the elephants, primates and many others. Taking a wildlife tour and safari is easy in Singapore with one of the reliable companies.

3. A Trip To Sentosa

Sentosa is an island in Singapore that is full of different activities. People of all ages can be sure that they will find something to enjoy in this fun island. While in Singapore, dedicate one day to experience this island. Getting to the island is easy through the gateway that connects it to the mainland. The good thing is that the fun island has no particular tourist season but welcomes people to visit them at any time of the year for equal fun.

4. Experience The Singapore Flyer

Ferris wheels are seen in different cities across the world. Singapore has one of the largest in the world, and you can enjoy the experience it provides. It is one of the largest in Asia and is mostly used to view the city of Singapore from all angles. It is also claimed that you can see Indonesia and Malaysia when you are at the highest point. The view is breathtaking and thrilling at the same time, which makes it famous among visitors.

5. Spend Half A Day In Chinatown

chinatown singapore


Singapore is influenced by different cultures from across the world. However, the Chinese culture is one of the most significant influences on the state. Chinatown is all about what is offered in China ranging from clothes and food to accessories. While here, you can buy souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones back home in addition to enjoying the Chinese cuisine.