Richart Sowa, a British environmentalist and architect, built an artificial floating island called “Spiral Island” in Mexico. Unfortunately in 2005, the island was destroyed by hurricane Emily.

spiral floating island

Spiral Island [source]

But he was not devastated. In 2007, Richart Sowa rebuilt another such floating island near Cancun. He named it “Joyxee Island“.

Joyxee Floating Island

Joyxee Island [source]

Joyxee Island was originally around 66ft. in diameter. However, as Richart Sowa went on working with his creative instincts, it now measures around 82ft. in diameter.

artificial island

Joyxee Island [source]

This artificial floating island is made of over 100,000 recycled plastic water bottles. And to your surprise, the island also has three beaches, a house, two ponds, a solar-powered waterfall, a wave-powered washing machine and solar panels.

joyxee island

Richart Sowa [source]

He has now opened the island for the visitors. In exchange, visitors make voluntary donations which keeps Richart afloat and helps his work-in-progress to make this island more self-sustainable.

richart slowa island

Richart’s Dream Island [source]

In the video below, Richart takes you through his dream island as he reveals, with passion, the magical tactics and creativity he used to build the beyond-imagination artificial island called Joyxee Island.

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