Are you looking for a perfect way to relax after a busy week at work? Do you want to have a great time swimming with the fish and exploring beautiful reefs? If yes then snorkeling is what you have been looking for. Snorkeling is exciting activity if done correctly.

However, if you are planning to snorkel for the first time, then there are various crucial things that you need to learn to have an amazing experience. So have you just planned trip and snorkeling is on your timeline? If yes, then today you have just landed in the right place. In this article, we are going to give you five snorkeling tips for beginners to make your next trip fun.


1. Ensure that you have the right snorkeling gears

The first thing that you need to have before you get yourself into the ocean has right snorkeling equipment. Any snorkeling enthusiast will tell you that the quality of gears that you use will determine if you will have an excellent or bad experience. It is therefore important to ensure that you select the right snorkeling gears that suits you well. Having the right snorkeling gears will not only make you feel comfortable when underwater but will also boost your confidences as a beginner. Essential equipment that you need to have included:

  • Mask

Select a mask that has full eye sockets to cover your nose efficiently. This will help ensure that you don’t end up inhaling water when you underwater. You can also choose a mask that covers your entire face to give you better vision when you underwater as well as cover your nose. The mask that you choose should also have a head strap to allow easy adjustment. Mask glass are made from different materials. Experts recommend that you should pick one that is scratch and fog resistant.

  • A snorkel

A snorkel is a plastic tube that allows you to breathe when submerged. Experts recommend that you choose a snorkel that has a valve to prevent you from choking. The snorkel should also have a soft mouthpiece to avoid jaw ache and wide tube to make breathing easy.

  • Fins

Most experienced snorkelers don’t snorkel with fins. However, as a beginner, you need to include it to improve your mobility, comfort, and safety when submerged. A good fin will also help you go deeper than where you would have gone if you did not have them. Choose fins that are easy to put on, long and flexible. The fins should also fit you well.

Other important equipment that you need to pack include a sunscreen, snorkel vest, rush guard, anti-fog spray and a storage bag.

2. Practice

As the saying goes, practice makes you perfect. As a beginner, you need to practice before you jump into the water. The best way to practice is by choosing a calm and safe spot that is shallow. Exercising before you dive into the ocean will give you get the real picture of what you will experience in the ocean and challenges that you are likely to experience. Take advantage of that opportunity to test all snorkeling gears to see if they are functioning well. It is also important to practice breathing before you get into the ocean. The beauty of snorkeling is swimming down the reef and viewing marine life deep in the ocean. Practicing how to hold your breath for a short period will go a long way in enabling you to have an amazing experience in the ocean. Practice will also help to boost your confidence.

3. Choose a good spot

If you want to enjoy snorkeling, then you need to choose a good place. A good spot is where you see many snorkelers. However, as a beginner, it is recommended that you start snorkeling from the beach then slowly progress to deeper waters as your confidence slowly builds. Don’t jump into deep waters the first time, look for a good spot that is near the beach where you can swim to safety when in danger. Avoid places with a strong current.

4. Know your limits

This is a critical factor especially if you are snorkeling with experienced snorkelers. The difference between having a good time and nightmare in the ocean lies in knowing your limits. Don’t feel pressured to explore areas that you don’t feel comfortable. If you are tired, don’t shy away from taking a break. Similarly, if you don’t feel comfortable snorkeling in deep waters, look for a good snorkeling spot in shallow waters.

5. Relax

This is one the most important snorkeling tips for beginners. If you panic too much, then you will not have the fun experience that you are looking for. Cool down and relax. Remember that you are there to enjoy yourself. Don’t let uncertainty and fear to spoil that great and fun moment that you are about to have.

Happy Snorkeling!