things to do in Bali

Soak Up Some History In Europe And Soak Up The Sun In Bali

People in general love traveling to places, be it inside one’s own country or another. The joy found in traveling is euphoric on another level. It is because traveling always has something new in store for you, from trying out different cuisines or witnessing surreal places to doing fun activities or just roaming around in the streets, they are all experiences like no other.


things to do in Bali

Bali, a province of Indonesia and the westernmost island of the Lesser Sunda Islands is one of the most popular tourist destinations of all time, situated in the Indonesian archipelago. It attracts people from all across the globe. Bali houses the ancient Indonesian culture with its hospitality, temples, palaces, and stunning natural scenery.

It is also known for its famous rice paddies, coral reefs, beaches, and the forested volcanic mountains.

A trip to Bali is an unforgettable one and it is because of the culture and picturesque backdrop that is ever-present and this is exactly why Bali is also one of the best and popular honeymoon destinations.

Things To Do In Bali

A place with active/dormant volcanoes, crystal clear water, hills with a picturesque view, coral reef and much more, it is almost impossible not to explore and experience new things.

With the sun-bleached sand crystals burning your feet and waves crashing onto the sand, Bali hosts the best places for surfers and scuba divers and for everyone who wants to experience it.

It also hosts forested volcanic mountains that you can trek to and witness one of the most spectacular sunsets and sunrises.

Bali trips are made for anyone and everyone, if you’re traveling alone or in a group or if you’re on your honeymoon, these are some of the many activities that Bali has to offer:

  • Witness an active volcano
  • Hike Mt Batur, to hike Mt Batur is to hike an active volcano
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Surfing
  • Partying

Where to Go and What to Eat?

Despite the chaos in the main tourist places, Bali is rich in natural beauty and hence it attracts everyone from surfers to foodies to cyclists.

1. Ubud Monkey Sanctuary

Also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest it is situated just 10 mins away from the town, Ubud and is a must-visit destination for animal lovers.

2. Tegallalang and Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

A 30 min drive from Ubud will bring you to this spectacular emerald-green landscape.

3. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Standing tall since the 17th century, it is one of the most beautiful temple complexes in all of Indonesia. Set against the gorgeous backdrop of Gunung Bratan, the walls of the temple reflect on the crystal clear waters of Lake Bratan.

4. Mount Batur

Watching the sunrise after hiking up to a height of 1,717-meters (5633 ft) above sea level, is just one of the most exhilarating things you can ever do, as Mt Batur is an active volcano. This means you will be hiking up an active volcano.

These are just some of the places that Bali hosts and a Bali trip isn’t complete without you having tried the local cuisine as traditional dishes are a huge part of their culture, here is a small list of traditional dishes that you should try when you’re in Bali.

  • Satay
  • Babi Guling
  • Betutu
  • Lawar
  • Bubbur Mengguh
  • Nasi Jingo


places to visit in europe

Europe can and will give you endless reasons for you to travel there. From history, culture to the unprecedented natural beauty, the cuisine, Europe never fails to disappoint anyone who goes there.

Because of Europe being spread across to such a large extent, it is a host to a variety of cultures and cuisines.

Popular Tourist Destinations in Europe

Europe, being one of the largest continents, which means there are numerous places to see and here are a few of them.

1. Paris, France

Paris is a dream destination for many, filled with museums, churches and historical monuments it really is a place filled with a ton of cultural history.

2. Rome

With the aroma of Italian cooking in the air and historical sites at almost every turn makes Roma a place you just can’t miss.

3. Santorini

It is a Greek island whose beaches are diverse in nature, you will find beaches with both red and black sand on this island and ancient settlement sites are also something you shouldn’t miss out on when you’re in Santorini.

4. Istanbul

A place where old meets the new, where ancient historical monuments stand alongside modern-day skyscrapers. If you love partying and shopping then Istanbul should definitely be on your travel bucket list.

5. Lake Como

Situated in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy, forever has been a place for people to come and relax. With the serene backdrop of the mighty Alps, it truly is an experience.

6. Athens

Love history or Architecture? Then this is the place for you to be, with historical sites, cafes and world-class cuisine it is one of the most beautiful places to visit.

What to Eat?

European cuisine is famous all over the world and for good reasons but given that it is available all around the globe, to eat from the place where all these delicacies took birth is the best way to experience the most authentic European taste. Listed below are just some of the many dishes that Europe has to offer.

  • Palacinky – The Czech Republic
  • Pizza – Italy
  • Herring – Netherlands
  • Currywurst – Germany
  • Struklji – Slovenia
  • Goulash – Hungary
  • Creme Catalan –  Catalonia, Spain
  • Crepes – France
  • Beer –  Germany
  • Stew – Ireland
  • Haggis – Scotland

Keeping in mind that Europe is one of the world’s largest continent and it becomes a herculean task to visit every one of these places on your own. So to help you with that, travel companies nowadays have Europe packages that let you travel and experience the best of Europe, at the best prices for you.



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