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Are you a Pokemon fan? Or did you watch the latest movie Detective Pikachu? Well, there was no much more than Pika Pika Pikachu. And no doubt that you will be delighted to watch your childhood favorite ‘Pokemon-Pikachu’ playing a fun-filled sassy detective.

Hold on! This is no movie review. But what if we tell you that from now on you can have an official Pokemon-themed wedding in Japan?

According to the Cnet report, the Pokemon Company and Japanese event planning company Escrit are joining hands to make their fans happy by introducing officially-licensed Pokemon-themed weddings.

To make it interesting, the weddings will include an appearance by both life-size bride and groom Pikachu mascots. Not just that, the wedding package will have Pikachu themed wedding cake, menu. Apart from that, they will get special entrees in the shape of adorable Pokemon characters as well as Pokemon-themed wedding certificates.

So, are you planning for a PIKA PIKA D-DAY?