To draw the attention of the Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) towards the problem of potholes, an 11-year old dressed up as an astronaut, Adlin D’Silva started ‘moonwalking’ near the central vegetable market in the city. Thanks to heavy rains and poor quality of roads, the potholes look no less than craters.

Astronaut Is Moonwalking On Mangaluru Streets

Adlin D’Silva as an Astronaut

The video was shot by Arjun Mascarenhas, co-founder of ‘MCC civic group’ that raises awareness about numerous civic issues. He also shared the video raising concern about the safety of the commuters. No doubt the video went viral on social media and won the hearts of the netizens.

Congratulations! # Mangalore: Moonwalk practice ground created for trainee astronauts! Kudos !” – he wrote on Facebook.

In another post, he added the pictures of the areas where the roads are not in good condition such as – Hampankatta, Urva stores, KSRTC bus stand, near St. Dominic Church, Ashok Nagar.  

Unfortunately, the authorities have not yet responded to the residents’ complaints. Also, the group will be holding a silent protest today outside Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) office, September 26, said Mascarenhas in an interview.

The class VI student often teams up with his father Ajoy D’Silva to raise awareness about various civic issues. 

This quirky yet thought-stirring idea was first executed by a street artist Baadal Nanjundaswamy, who dressed as an astronaut and slowly walk over the potholes to make the Bengaluru civic bodies notice the plight of the roads. Apart from, D’Silva, another lower kindergarten student, Nia C Govind did a similar act. Thanks to social media, the video went viral and the authorities fixed the road soon after that.