Do we have sustainable menstruation choices in India? Yes, we do have options. However, we are failing to implement it. But, we can all take a cue from this 18-year-old Ishana in Coimbatore, who is an eco-warrior in the true sense of the term.

Ishana Ana Sanitary Pads

Ishana | source: India Today

While many of us are wondering what to do with our lives, this girl has become an entrepreneur from a high school graduate. After completing a crash course in fashion designing, she has set up a fashion boutique, where she sells a magical product for women- organic cotton sanitary napkins called Ana. 

While most of us need 60-70 pads a year, she claims that a girl or a woman will need only 6-7 pads every year.

Made of poplin-cloth, this one also comes with instructions, so that no one gets confused while using it. These sanitary napkins are eco-friendly, sustainable, are reusable and come at an affordable range.  

While speaking to India Today, she says that to make one organic sanitary napkin, about 10-15 minutes are required. Not only that. Ishana is also paying 400 rupees to a local tailor for making 60-70 pads. How beautiful it is that she is not only taking care of the environment but also providing employment opportunities to tailors in the neighborhood.

If you visit Coimbatore, you will see that these pads are selling in local parlors and boutiques. In the future, Ishana wants to put her brand on the e-commerce platform.