CA Means Chartered Accountancy For The World. But For Yogesh, It Means Courageous Adventures

CA Means Chartered Accountancy For The World. But For Yogesh, It Means Courageous Adventures

We often choose to follow the bandwagon without knowing where we are heading. Going out of the line is the difficult path and takes courage, but it is also the right thing to do. Yogesh realized he needs to leave the CA bandwagon when the myths busted in his mind with the reality check.

Yogesh started pursuing Chartered Accountancy(CA) after the 12th grade. Having no knowledge about the course, he had no idea what he is moving on to. One thing that pushed him forward to take up the field was that he would make a lot of money. He entered the tunnel, as dark as it could get, only in search of the money he would be making by the end of it.

CA Means Chartered Accountancy For The World. But For Yogesh, It Means Courageous Adventures

After clearing the entrance tests, the doors of becoming a CA were opened for him. Going a little ahead on this path, with many of his friends from Junior College, he was blind to what was happening. Soon, he started to realize, this is not the right path for him and he wants to drop out of the course. It was too late. My parents had proudly announced everywhere that their son is pursuing CA and has cleared the entrance test. Becoming a CA was now a bigger dream to them than to me.

Their dreams had started becoming his fears. More than a career direction, it had become pressure for Yogesh. He attempted the 2nd level examinations and failed. He also failed to gather the courage to confront his parents with his decision of dropping out. He gave the second attempt. He failed again. This time, he told them he could not continue further. They gave him a little pep talk and convinced him to try once more. He failed the third time too! Better late than never, after three failed attempts at clearing the 2nd round of examinations, his parents unhappily agreed and he dropped out of the course.

Round 3 for Yogesh was now chasing his dreams. I have always had an entrepreneurial bend and now was the right time to put my skills to use. He, along with four of his other friends started organizing trips and adventure camps. Their venture is known as Wanderlusters- Where Your Soul Belongs.

CA Means Chartered Accountancy For The World. But For Yogesh, It Means Courageous Adventures

Fast Forward 22 Months:

  1. They have managed around 10 trips safely and have managed to earn a profit every single time without investing a penny of their own.
  2. In this span of 22 months, he studied for GMAT to go and study abroad. He scored decent marks but he chose not to go anywhere and be in India and build what he has always wanted to.
  3. Also, he worked full time at Deloitte, an MNC, for 6 months and has become more certain that 9 to 5 is not for him. Never the less, the experience has helped him grow.
  4. Yogesh is now also preparing for a Bodybuilding Men’s Physique Competition which will take place on November’18.
  5. He is in the process of research for starting another business which will be on a much larger scale than Wanderlusters.

After his first entrepreneurial ride with Wanderlusters- Where Your Soul Belongs, quite literally, he has this to say:

I am way more satisfied and happy now as I am doing what I have always wanted to do and not doing anything just to please anyone else or just for the sake of doing it! And, I value my gut feeling more than ever now as that is what I listened to. It seems difficult in the beginning but is always the best option to go with because deep inside only you know what you truly want!

Achieving anything is difficult and takes time, but it is worth everything if it is going to keep yourself content. All Yogesh first wanted to do is earn money and he has already set his path; but his goals now also include courage, integrity and job satisfaction. He firmly believes that the best is yet to come and when it does; his decision will be glorified by his success.

Good luck Yogesh!

Shetal Kinjra

Shetal Kinjra

I pamper myself the most and make myself strive too! I'm my biggest cheerleader and my own worst critic. Well, I have many sides to my personality. Meet me in my parallel universe of words to know more! P.S. It's a one-way ticket to exploring different perspectives! I blog @ SceneAndSaid

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