Love doesn’t need a language. However, it seems like it also doesn’t need a sound. A retired US basketball professional Rex Chapman shared a heartwarming video of a deaf man on Twitter talking to his newborn daughter in sign language.

Love indeed doesn’t require sound to interact. You just understand it.

On Twitter, Chapman wrote- “This hearing-impaired father expressing love to his newborn daughter in sign-language is the definitely Twitter content I’m here for.

The video garnered 6.7 million views and the 41-second clip has left many teary-eyed because of the loving gesture of the father. In the video, the father is seen holding the child in his arms.

A tweeter user who probably also understand sign-language translated the father-child conversation, “I’m your daddy. I love you. You’re a beautiful girl. Your eyes are such a beautiful color, bright green! Just beautiful! What a cute smile! I love you. You’re a cutie. That’s a warm blanket. I love you. I love you. You’re beautiful. Cute

Watch the video here-

One user also wrote, “I absolutely believe she knows, this is too beautiful!”. Here is what others are saying about this heart-touching post-

Love indeed is pure and beautiful. Isn’t it?