What as per you is the most courageous thing to do? Oh, well, you might be having a whole list of such things. But, does saying “No” happen to top your list? If yes, then I empathize with you and I hope these five most crucial reasons will help you to brave-on in your pursuit of saying the two letter word.

Words have power and you can make the required difference by using them correctly. Saying “No” is easy for some people, but for many – it’s quite a challenge. But, you can help out yourself by keeping in consideration the following:

1. For There’s A Jewel Called Integrity

I believe nothing is more precious and thereby worth fighting for than one’s integrity. Nothing at all will make you happy if you once lose your integrity. So, why do things which lower down your sense of self respect? Be brave enough to say No.

Say no

2. For You Mustn’t End Your Dream

We often end-up accepting wrong things in terms of career and then later job, just because we couldn’t pick-up courage to say No. Everybody has got dreams and aspirations, but only the ones who risk everything else for it, win it. You must have come across this trending question “Would you do the things you do if it wasn’t for money?” and this question is worth giving a thought. Right?

really no

3. For Bullshit Is Not For All

Socializing is very important but that doesn’t mean that you are bound to accept all the bullshit that comes your way. For example, you can say No to your dearies’ gossip, whenever you next attend a gig and rather stand alone to let yourself enjoy the pumping vibes.

just say no

4. For You Must Have Some “Me-Time”

In our everyday tightly packed schedules, we hardly are able to find time for ourselves, which is why most of us suffer a sort of disconnect with our inner selves. So, perhaps you should try saying No to your urge of visiting and staying on social networking sites or on messengers, so that you could spend some quality time with yourself.


5. For Saying Yes To Everything Makes You Emotionally Vulnerable

This is not gross; saying yes to anything and everything or anybody and everybody does make you emotionally vulnerable. Haven’t you experienced terrible cases of disappointment, where after you took pledge to become cold? But, because you happen to appreciate and reflect humility and generosity, you end-up finding it difficult to say No. So, why not break the circle? It really isn’t that challenging if only you dare!


Sometimes saying No is the best thing. We all find great pleasure in exploring the forbidden and this is something you definitely cannot deny. But, some things are better not explored as they can turn out to be injurious to our health, both physical and psychological. But, I don’t think it can humanly be possible for us to say No, if we don’t put efforts to prior research about the whole thing. And, then when once you realize why you must not let your urge take its toll, pick courage and say No.

When was the last time you dared to say a NO?

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