Only pet lovers know best that having a pet animal is so much like having a child. You might have a lot of money to buy the finest looking animal, but it is their constant and selfless love that makes them wag their tail.

When your furry friends want your attention because they missed you all day, the cute things they do makes us love them even more but it can be hard at times when they get injured or diseased and are not able to do things they’d want to do.

On Sunday, a post was shared on twitter which went viral and garnered 3.43 million views shows that a cute dog’s hind legs were injured and he couldn’t walk. Due to this, he was unable to play with his friends and therefore, the family got him a wheelchair.

The happiness of this cutie-patootie cannot be expressed in words, for it might just spoil the feeling. Check it out yourself!

It is wonderful how we can learn so much from a pet dog. The enthusiasm to get back to life with little help is no less than a guideline for people who battle with emotional and physical disabilities in their daily lives.

Valuing little and simplest things in life can make life so beautiful and full of happiness.