Disclaimer: It’s World Laughter Day today and we seriously wanted to attempt to make you smile a bit. Here’s an effort. Don’t take any of this seriously! 

We are probably laughing on a scale of 4 out of 10 on a daily basis. It’s nothing to be proud of. Come on, India. You can do better. Actually, chances are if the density of India’s laughter were to be measured, it would read 3 out of 10 on Shilpa Shetty’s waistline.

And it’s rather sad, truthfully speaking. Everyone’s out there to make us laugh but failing hopelessly it seems. Kapil Sharma forged his career for that, then slumped into depression and then came back. Why? To make you laugh. The Prime Minister sealed so many revolutionary moves for India. Why? Okay, those weren’t to make you laugh- agreed.

But here are some sightings from an everyday lens’ point that might make you show off that toothed smile a lot more. In fact, we must consider ourselves blessed that there’s so much humor all around us that it will swell our hearts with gladness each day. Here’s proof:

world's laughter day

1. Yuzvendra Chahal’s diet

Once there was a healthy cricketer, a very healthy cricketer, who racked up big bucks but perhaps forgot to eat three meals a day. Isn’t that what we all live for? Why not Chahal?

2. Indian Cricket team wearing a prototype of Kohli beard

The only Indian cricketer who’s not following the excessively rapacious trend of wearing a thick, heavy- very aggressive kinda Virat Kohli beard is Kohli himself. Because he’s the one who has set the trend in the first place. Check it out for yourself. What’s common between Parthiv Patel, Krunal Pandya, Ajinkya Rahane, Ravi Jadeja and Kohli isn’t cricket nor their nationality. It’s the insanely overgrown male beard that demands trimming at least.

3. Women empowerment through dowry

How often have you seen a real-life demonstration of a profit and loss account in form of a sanctimonious custom? Whether marriages were made in heaven or not, none know for sure. But what’s known is that marriages were made with calculators and pens and elaborate lists in hands.

Such a brilliant contribution toward women empowerment.

4. The custom of wearing white sports shoes on black pants

Black and white. Indeed, a heavenly match made real rotten hell particularly when men with hideous fashion choices opt to discard common sense and chose to wear white sports shoes- in particular- on auspicious occasions like ceremonies and even wedding parties.

Ever come across uncles who shame the glamour industry each day with a single stroke of genius? Time to tip the hat to them. Be sure to make it white and black in color.


5. 1990s backdrop dancers in Bollywood movies

They were a cute lot. In fact, a really cute lot. Like the incestuously cute white rabbit. Remember in 90s romance flicks like- Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin, Dil, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun et cetera- there were these backdrop dancers who wore brown jackets and blue pants and on other occasions, red suits and white shoes? And when they were really on an ‘Assassin’s creed mode’ in their minds, they even wore caps?

Dancing to their own unique blend of moves that would coax MJ to come back to life and Hrithik to dance a hell lot more than what he’s been doing of late, they were a gem that’s been lost. It’s a sad loss.

Perhaps the 2015 World Cup loss seems tiny in front of this colossal loss to Bollywood.