Talking about big fat Indian weddings, we Indians are so much in love with the grandeur that even wedding cards are not spared. While many of us opt for fancy wedding cards with heavy embroideries teamed with glamorous pictures of the bride and groom, it silently burns a hole in our pocket without any reason.

But, how about an ‘honest’ Indian wedding card that comes with a parody invite? Curated by a popular comedian Akshar Pathak, this wedding card is different, full of humor and will keep you LOLing throughout the day. 

The card starts with an honest line- “Humne Kitna Kharcha Kiya, Ambani Se Kam Nehi Hain Hum” (See how much we have spent, we are no less than the Ambanis). 

Apart from talking about the tradition of highlighting the family names- Sharma Ji ka ladka” and “Verma Ji ka ladki“, it also talks about guests being stuck in traffic, directions, map and most importantly unnecessary expenditures in north Indian weddings. It also takes a jibe on the wedding hashtags, which in this case was #ShaVerma (read shawarma).

At the bottom of the page, another honest confession was there. It said, “No Gifts Please. Give Cash Only. Hum 18 Juicer, Mixer, Grinders Ka Kya Karenge (What will we do with 18 juicers, mixers and grinders?)


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Shared on Instagram, the comedian’s post has gone viral and fans are going crazy over his talent.

This spoof invite has three pages in total. While the second page was all about showing off a number of reception parties that common people can afford because Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh had 6 and Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas had 8; the third page is to mock at the confusing map usually given in the last page of the wedding cards.

How cool is this card?