In an age of rapid urbanization, the ever-growing concrete jungles are taking us all away from nature. Thousand Shades Butterfly Park in Gurugram is a much-needed initiative to connect us back to the natural world of flora and fauna.

To make the city greener and keep a closer check on the alarming decline of biodiversity, this butterfly park is a joint initiative of the Forest Department of Haryana and the Uthaan NGO. The 18-acre forest has already been handed over to the Uthaan NGO where  30,000 flowering plants and 15,000 host plants for butterflies will be planted over time.

This Thousand Shades Butterfly Park is now open to the public and is already home to 27 species of butterflies. With an indoor conservatory and a variety of trees and plants – it’s a wonderful place to hang out and connect with nature. The park has both host plants and nectar plants to attract butterflies and help them flourish.

The park aims to restore the natural environment for butterflies as they play an important role in maintaining ecological balance. And thus, their conservation is significant. The idea is to spread awareness about butterfly conservation and to connect people more with nature.

One very attractive feature about this butterfly park is that anybody can adopt a tree at this park, and have their name tag alongside that tree. Another simple way for you to give it back to nature and preserve it for a greener tomorrow.

In conversation with Life Beyond Numbers, Mr.Sanjay Kaushik, President of Uthaan NGO, mentioned that the park is also in process to bring in Fireflies (Jugnu) from North-East of India and strengthen the natural eco-system. The young generation in the metros who might have only heard of Jugnus in stories may now actually experience the magical spell of Fireflies soon.

Already planning to visit the place? And if not, you should.