In a noble initiative to counter plastic pollution, Indian carriers are going for eco-friendly options like biodegradable paper, straws, and cutlery, etc. Even though the plastic ban is not for airlines, minimizing the use of plastic onboard can make a huge difference.

no plastic in Indian airlines

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A Vistara spokesperson said to TOI that the airline has pledged to reduce the use of plastic in June, this year. This method is innovative and cost-effective as well. Certain replacements that will be implemented are- replacing plastic straws and stirrers with paper or wooden ones, replacing plastic casseroles with aluminum dishes, and disposable bowls in economy class with reusable ones.

According to IATA (International Air Transport Association) report, 5.2 million tonnes of waste were generated by flyers in 2016. It is also estimated that by 2030, the number will jump to 10 million tonnes.

A spokesperson from Jet Airways said, “the airline is committed to running its operations with an emphasis on environment’’ and so uses paper cups, biodegradable bags, and insulated boxes for hot and cold items, as mentioned in TOI report.

Apart from that, Air India is also replacing its plastic cups with bone china cups on all economy class domestic flights, except those operated by ATR aircraft, said a spokesperson to TOI.

Even though rest of the airlines, have partially reduced the use of plastic, Go Air is the only low-cost carrier to stand strong in its commitment to plastic ban. The spokesperson of the airline said, “We now serve food and beverages that do not require the use of plastic cutlery. All banned plastic items have been removed from our aircraft. We are working towards extending this initiative countrywide.

Realising the impact of plastic on the environment and the damage due to its usage, international airlines are also looking for biodegradable options.