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India and other places around the region love the idea of biting down on a patty, but most people do not eat cow’s meat. The burger has been a staple food item in most Western countries, and the people of India figured out a way to put their own spin on it with the Vada Pav. This is a potato-based alternative to the regular beef patty that has definitely caught on.

There is a lot of history and culture surrounding the Vada Pav, but there seems to be a bit of a burger war going on between fast food restaurants and local Vada Pav cooks. The war is to win the heart of India and the hearts of food lovers out there.

vada pav vs burger

The Richness Behind The Bite

The Vada Pav was actually created for textile mill workers. These individuals had a lot to do and needed a quick meal to keep them going, which this food was able to satisfy. It has been a long time since then, but the meal now holds a special place in the hearts of many.

The alternative burger has not been around too long. It was invented by a person named Ashok Vaady back in 1966. This person opened up at the Dadar train station because that is where the mill workers passed to get home. Vaidya saw the opportunity and went for it. It did not take long for his food to become one of India’s most popular meals.

What Exactly Is The Vada Pav?

These potato-based patties are made using a blend of mashed potatoes, masala spices, green chili, and some chopped onions. Patties are formed before they are dipped in a chickpea flour batter before frying. Part of what makes this meal so special is because it reminds those who try it at home. The textures, the spicy flavors, and the overall crunch the batter offers make this meal popular.

It should be noted that another aspect that makes this meal so special is how versatile it is. There are many chefs out there who add their own touches to make this burger even more special. Some add a little chili-coriander chutney while others like a whole egg mayonnaise spread to add a delicate taste, which one can get from food manufacturers in Melbourne.

The problem is that this rich and historical food is being threatened by none other than McDonald’s.

The Battle For The Indian Burger

McDonald’s did not arrive in India for some time, so most people were accustomed to eating the Vada Pav, but this changed in the early 90s. This fast food joint came to India and many others followed. Of course, these restaurants created a vegetarian alternative for their burgers so that the people of India who object to cow’s meat can still enjoy their foods.

The burger is still potato-based but it is missing all the touches that make Vada Pav so uniquely cultural, such as the spices or the chickpea flour. Food critics and people who want to preserve culture through food have definitely done what they can to ensure that the Vada Pav continues to hold on. The burgers that fast food joints offer are quite bland but it is the brand recognition that is really giving their food power in the country.

There is no telling how this battle will turn out. Perhaps there is room for both meals in the hearts of the people of India. Only time will tell who will come out victorious from this battle of the burgers, but hopefully, the people enjoy all these flavors in the meantime.