What is love? The dictionary meaning to this million dollar question is an intense feeling of deep affection. But, we all know, it is so much more than that. Simple and yet complex at times. It is never black and white and the grey shades make it more beautiful despite all the hardships that come complimentary with it.

We don’t know which component makes an ordinary love story, extraordinary, but we are certain about one thing that- it was, it is, and it will- never be about physical beauty.

Lalita and her family | source: Humans of Bombay

In case Bollywood movies have convinced you that you have to be pretty AF to be in love or have an extraordinary partner, scroll down through this story to get a taste of true love!

And No, it was not Love at first sight! This man fell in love with a woman, simply by hearing her voice.

“I was working at a bank when I got a call. The girl on the phone asked for my mom–I told her that it was the wrong number, but I asked her if I could help her reach the right person. She immediately said ‘Sorry, bhaiya’ & cut. So I called her to ask who it was… after that, I didn’t stop thinking about her. 15 days later, I called her again to get to know her. We started talking daily.

This story is anything but simple. It has many shades that make it extraordinary. In a society where the notion of physical beauty is so deep-rooted and is given utmost importance over human qualities, finding true love becomes difficult.

“In a month’s time, she told me, ‘I don’t think you should call again.’ I didn’t know why! So the next day, when I called for an explanation, she said her face was burnt. My immediate reply was, ‘So what?’ She said that I’d be scared if I saw her, but I wasn’t that kind of a man.”

The woman explained to the man that how 5 years ago, she got into an argument with her cousin and that left her scarred for life. Her cousin not only threatened her to throw acid on her face, but he actually did this heinous act. He pulled her hair, threw acid on her face and left her to die. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and treatments lead her to Mumbai where she started working at Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation.

Moved by her story, the man went to see the woman, along with a friend, where they met for the first time.

When I went to her house, she took off her dupatta and I saw her for the first time. I’m not going to act like a hero and say it didn’t affect me. It did. I was afraid at first, but then I saw her smile… I realized that there was no one else I could marry.”

People did warn him about his new bride and that how will he show off his partner and he simply smiled as for him nothing mattered more than her.

So, you can’t always foresee where & how you’ll find ‘the one’. They don’t have to look stunning in someone else’s eyes. They just have to keep your heart beating & you know. You just know that this is the greatest gift you could ask for–our son & her are the greatest gifts I could’ve ever dreamt of. This girl, who is inspiring, honest & kind is also the most beautiful girl I’ve met…because I’ve seen her heart & that’s all that matters. She’s made for me.

The story was first published by Humans of Bombay in collaboration with the makers of Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga. You can read the full post here:

So, if you are waiting or searching for a true partner, you can definitely take a cue from them. And, Instead of saying I Love You, should we not practice saying- I Accept You? Think!